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15-11-10 LISTENING Yate HallelujahLeonard Cohen’s 1984 song “Hal­lelu­jah” has been cov­ered by many artists (begin­ning with John Cale), but I don’t think I’ve ever heard any­thing as mag­nif­i­cent as this per­for­mance by Francesco Yates, a soul-pop singer from Toronto who has entered the music scene with an EP, but has yet to release his first album. I just heard it on the radio a few hours ago, and was aston­ished by it. In the inter­views I googled, he comes across as witty and intelligent.

After this Youtube clip check out his fine ren­di­tion of Kendrick Lamar’s bit­ter “Swim­ming Pools (drank)”:

and he’s just as good at the piano, rein­car­nat­ing Mar­vin Gaye:

First-time listening for October 2015

27051. (Zchiw Song Ensem­ble) Zchiw [Жъыу] [Zamudin Ghwch’e & Zawir Negh­wey on
. . . . ancient Adi­gean instru­ments]
27052. (Orb) Orb’s Adven­tures Beyond the Ultra­world
27053. (Edward Sharpe & the Mag­netic Zeros) Here
27054. (Glenn Miller) Sec­ond Press­ing [5 disk set]
27055. (Eric Salz­man & Michael Sahl) Civ­i­liza­tion & Its Dis­con­tents [musi­cal com­edy]
27056. (Bobby Vee) Come Back When You Grow Up
27057. New­port in New York ’72 — The Jam Ses­sions, vol. 1: Jumpin’ at the Wood­side &
. . . . Lo-Slo Bluze [Charles McPher­son, Charles Min­gus, Alan Daw­son, Milt Buck­ner,
. . . . Roland Hanna, Buddy Tate, Cat Ander­son, Jimmy Owens]
27058. (Ray Noble) Ray Noble Plays Ray Noble
27059. (The­ory of a Dea­man) The­ory of a Deadman Read more »

First-time listening for September 2015

27040. (Giro­lamo Fres­cobaldi) Messa Madona
27041. (Adam and the Ants) Dirk Wears White Sox
27042. (Gilles Bin­chois) Triste plaisir et douloureuse joie
27043. (Fuck But­tons) “Bright Tomor­row”; “Lit­tle Bloody Shoul­der” [sin­gle]
27044. (Erroll Gar­ner) Erroll Gar­ner [Verve Jazz Mas­ters #7]
27045. (Swans) Filth
27046. (New Order) Move­ment
27047. (Notker the Stam­merer) Natus ante saec­ula
27048. (Sleater-Kinney) Dig Me Out
27049. (Veena Sahasrabud­dhe) Raga Abhogi
27050. (Veena Sahasrabud­dhe) Raga Jog

First-time listening for August 2015

27027. (Philopoc­tus de Caserta) En remi­rant vo douce pour­trai­ture
27028. (Henri Dutilleux) Tim­bres, espaces, mou­ve­ment, ou ‘La nuit étoilée’ Part 1
27029. (Iron But­ter­fly) Heavy
27030. (Adam & the Ants) “Deutscher Girls” [from Derek Jarman’s Jubilee sound­track]
27031. (Géry de Ghersem) Missa Ave Virgo Sanc­tis­sima
27032. (Duke Elling­ton) Buf­fet Flat
27033. (Kam­barkan Folk Ensem­ble) “Jolughabuz az kündö [We Will Meet Soon]”
27034. (Antje Duvekot) New Siberia
27035. (Adam and the Ants) Live at the Round­house, 1978
27036. (Toumani Dia­baté & Bal­laké Sis­soko) New Ancient Strings
27037. (Anni­bale Padovano) Messe à 24 voix
27038. (Plat­ters) Four Plat­ters and One Lovely, Vol.8
27039. (Jacobus Gal­lus Cornio­lus) Missa Super Sancta Maria

First-time listening for July 2015

27004. Did­jeri­doo: Musique aborigène d’Australie
27005. (Off­spring) The Off­spring
27006. (Kas­sia) Dox­a­zomen sou Christe
27007. (Kas­sia) Ek rizis agathis
27008. (Kas­sia) O syna­po­s­ta­tis tyran­nos
27009. (Kas­sia) O Phar­iseos
27010. (Kas­sia) O Vasilevs tis doxis Chris­tos
27011. (Kas­sia) I Edessa
27012. (Kas­sia) Tin pen­ta­chor­don lyran
27013. (Kas­sia) Igapisas theophore
27014. (Kas­sia) Yper ton Elli­non
27015. (Kas­sia) I en polles amar­ties
27016. (Kas­sia) Pela­gia
27017. (Kas­sia) Tou stavrou sou I dynamis
27018. (Kas­sia) Olvon lipousa patrikon
27019. (Kas­sia) Petron ke Pavlon
27020. (Kas­sia) Isaïou nyn tou prophi­tou
27021. (Kas­sia) I ton lip­sanon sou thiki
27022. (Kas­sia) Avgous­tou monar­chisan­tos
27023. (Kas­sia) Christina mar­tys
27024. (Fela Kuti) Koola Lobitos: The ’69 L.A. Ses­sions
27025. (Suede) Dog Man Star
27026. (Vic­tor Uwaifo) Guitar-Boy Super­star 1970–76

First-time listening for June 2015

26985. (Henk Bad­ings) Sym­phony #3
26986. (Wu-Tang Clan) Enter the Wu-Tang
26987. (Real Estate) Days
26988. (Tarun Bhat­tacharya) Hyp­notic San­toor
26989. (Miley Cyrus) Bangerz
26990. (Dinah Wash­ing­ton) Dinah Wash­ing­ton [Verve Jazz Mas­ters #19]
26991. (Louis Arm­strong) “West End Blues”
26992. (Paul White­man & George Gersh­win) “Rhap­sody in Blue” [short ver­sion]
26993. (Fats Waller) “Ain’t Mis­be­havin’” Read more »

First-time listening for May 2015

26800. (Sergei Rach­mani­nov) Liturgy of St. John Chry­sis­tom
26801. (Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd) The Moon and the Melodies
26802. (Bohuslav Mar­t­inů) Con­certo #1 for Cello and Orches­tra
26803. (Kendrick Lamar [as K-dot] & Jay Rock) Train­ing Day [mix­tape]
26804. (Suede) Suede
26805. (7oi) Lost Under a Pile
26806. (Jhené Aiko) Sail­ing Soul(s) Read more »

First-time listening for April 2015

26790. (Yann Tiersen) L’Absente
26791. (Plat­ters) Four Plat­ters and One Lovely, Vol.7
26792. (Char­lie Parker)The Com­plete Small Group Ses­sions, vol.2
26793. (Henk Bad­ings) Con­certo for Harp and Orches­tra
26794. (Diodes) Great­est Hits
26795. (Ali Akbar Khan) Chan­dranadan
26796. (Ali Akbar Khan) Gauri Man­jari
26797. (Ali Akbar Khan) Jogiya Kalin­gra
26798. (Chromeo) Fancy Foot­work
26799. (Wil­son Pick­ett) In the Mid­night Hour

First-time listening for March 2015

26780. (Gio­vanni Pier­luigi da Palest­rina) Missa ecce ego Johannes
26781. (Ed Sheeran) X
26782. (Sam Smith) In the Lonely Hour
26783. (Cold­play) Ghost Sto­ries
26784. (Paolo Nutini) Caus­tic Love
26785. (Paloma Faith) A Per­fect Con­tra­dic­tion
26786. (Ellie Gould­ing) Hal­cyon Days
26787. (Phar­rell Williams) G I R L
26788. (Lon­don Gram­mar) If You Wait
26789. (Batille) All This Bad Blood

First-time listening for February 2015

26753. (Delta Rae) Carry the Fire [deluxe ver­sion]
C’est Fun! Cajun Clas­sics:
. . . . 26754. (Jam­bal­aya Cajun Band) “C’est Fun”
. . . . 26755. (Cajun Tra­di­tional Band) “Louisiana Two Step”
. . . . 26756. (Balfa Tou­jours) “L’anse Auix Pail­lies”
. . . . 26757. (Hadley Castille) “Faire Whiskey”
. . . . 26758. (Joe War­ren Cormier) “T-Bec Do”
. . . . 26759. (Tasso Cajun Band) “Jolie Blonde” Read more »