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Image of the Month — We Stand On Guard For Thee


(Cor­nelius 1949) Pass­port to Pimlico
(Roman 2016) Peach­es and Cream
(Hiller 1989) See No Evil, Hear No Evil
(Páls­son 2020) The Val­hal­la Mur­ders [Brot]: Ep.1 ― Nev­er Before Seen
(Noguchi 1967) Gap­pa: The Triphib­ian Mon­ster [大巨獣ガッパ]
(Tenold 2023) Bran­don’s Cult Movie Review: Gap­pa — The Triphib­ian Monster
(Apt­ed 1983) Gorky Park
(Halperin 1930) Par­ty Girl
(Kor­da & Pag­nol 1931) Marius
(Reins 1991) Space Thun­der Kids
(Tenold 2022) Bran­don’s Cult Movie Review: Space Thun­der Kids
(Dobkin 2020) Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test: The Sto­ry of Fire Saga
(Somer­ton 2023) How Hol­ly­wood Was Born Gay
(Clark 1979) Mur­der by Decree
(Dhont 2022) Close

First-time listening for February 2023

26486. (Kishi Bashi) Phi­los­o­phize! Chem­i­cal­ize! EP
26487. (Fred­er­ic Rzews­ki) The Peo­ple Unit­ed Will Nev­er Be Defeated!
26488. (Big Thief) Drag­on New Warm Moun­tain I Believe in You
26489. (Georges Enes­cu) Sym­pho­ny #2 in A, Op.17
26490. (Basic Chan­nel) Round One to Round Five 1993–99
26491. (Seo Tai­ji and Boys) I Know! [난 알아요]
26492. (Anto­nio Vival­di) Sin­fo­nia in G for Vio­lin & Orches­tra, RV 149
26493. (Anto­nio Vival­di) Con­cer­to in D Minor for Vio­lin & Orches­tra, RV 540
26494. (Anto­nio Vival­di) Con­cer­to in A for Vio­lin & Orches­tra, RV 552
26495. (Anto­nio Vival­di) Con­cer­to in C for Vio­lin & Orches­tra, RV 558 [vari­ant at 8884]
26496. (Lau­ra Veirs) The Lookout
26497. (Teeth of the Sea) Orphaned by the Ocean
26498. (Jean-Féry Rebel) Sonata #8 in D Minor for Vio­lin, Harp­si­chord & Vio­la da Gamba
26499. (Jean-Féry Rebel) Sonata #5 in D for Vio­lin, Harp­si­chord & Vio­la da Gamba
26500. (Jean-Féry Rebel) Sonata #6 in B Minor for Vio­lin, Harp­si­chord & Vio­la da Gamba
26501. (Jean-Féry Rebel) Sonata #1 in A for Vio­lin, Harp­si­chord & Vio­la da Gamba
26502. (Jean-Féry Rebel) Sonata #3 in A Minor for Vio­lin, Harp­si­chord & Vio­la da Gamba
26503. (Jean-Féry Rebel) Sonata #9 in F for Vio­lin, Harp­si­chord & Vio­la da Gamba
26504. (Jean-Féry Rebel) Sonata #7 in G Minor for Vio­lin, Harp­si­chord & Vio­la da Gamba
26505. (Jean-Féry Rebel) Sonata #4 in E Minor for Vio­lin, Harp­si­chord & Vio­la da Gamba
26506. (Sharks) “Get Off the Radio” [sin­gle]
26507. (Anit­ta) Ver­sions of Me
26508. (Bad Bun­ny) Un Ver­a­no Sin Ti
26509. (Mattafix) Signs of a Struggle
26510. (Mac Miller) Faces
26511. (Paul Mau­ri­at) Great­est Hits
26512. (Becky G) Esquemas
26513. (Black Keys) Turn Blue
26514. (Gugliel­mo da Volpi­ano) Chanterai por mon cor­age [Estampie version]
26515. (Gugliel­mo da Volpi­ano) Chanterai por mon cor­age [Locus Musi­cus version]
26516. (Gabriela Cohen) Pink Is the Colour of Uncon­di­tion­al Love


25089. [2] (Robert McClod­key) Homer Price
25090. (Rose­mary Sut­cliffe) Beowulf [sto­ry]
25091. (Peter S. Ungar) Evo­lu­tion’s Bite ― A Sto­ry of Teeth, Diet, and Human Origins
25092. (Jesús Gil Fuen­san­ta, Alfre­do Mederos Martín & Otabek Ukta­movich Muminov) 
. . . . . Not Far from the Lim­its of the North­ern Uruk Cul­ture in the Middle/Upper
. . . . . Euphrates: the Lat­er Cal­col­ith­ic Lev­els of Surte­pe [arti­cle]
25093. (Susan Dewey, et al) Con­trol Creep and the Mul­ti­ple Exclu­sions Faced by Women 
. . . . . in Low-Auton­o­my Sex Indus­try Sec­tors [arti­cle]
25094. (Raziel Reid) When Every­thing Feels Like the Movies
25095. (Joseph R. Bish­op & Pas­cal Gag­neux) Evo­lu­tion of Car­bo­hy­drate Antigens ― 
. . . . . Micro­bial Forces Shap­ing Host Gly­comes? [arti­cle]
25096. (Gun­nar Hein­sohn) Lon­dini­um and Lun­den­wic Were Not 700 Years Apart [arti­cle]
25097. (Ian B. Brem­mer) The Pow­er of Crisis
25098. (Mar­cel Pag­nol) Mar­ius [play]
25099. (Robert McCloskey) Cen­ter­burg Tales
25100. (Tove Jans­son) The Moomins and the Great Flood [Småtrollen och den stora 
. . . . . översvämningen]
25101. (Tom Oost­ing, et al) Unlock­ing the Poten­tial of Ancient Fish DNA in the Genomic 
. . . . . Era [arti­cle]
25102. (Becky Cham­bers) To Be Taught, If Fortunate
25103. (Noam R. Izen­berg, et al) The Venus Life Equa­tion [arti­cle]

Image of the Month

Just out­side of Van­cou­ver, BC, Canada


(Hawks 1938) Bring­ing Up Baby
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “SOS d’un ter­rien en détresse” [live at World’s Best, USA]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “All By Myself” [live at World’s Best, USA]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Ada­gio” [live at World’s Best, USA]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Give Me Your Love” [live in New York]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Made­moi­selle Hyde” [live in New York]
(Sakak­ibara 2022) Gude­ta­ma, An Egg­cel­lent Adven­ture: Ep.3 ― Is That the Best 
. . . This Coun­try Has to Offer?
(Itô 2016) Erased: Ep.1 ― Flash­ing Before My Eyes
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “My Swan [Аққуым]” [Music Video]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “My Star [Жұлдызым]” [live at D‑Dynasty, Moscow] 
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Lay Down” [live at D‑Dynasty, Moscow]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Jamaica [live at D‑Dynasty, Moscow] 
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Made­moi­selle Hyde” [live at New Wave, Sochi]
(Glen­non 1930) Par­adise Island
(Hitch­cock 1954) Dial M for Murder
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Adai [Адай]”
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Know [Знай]” [Live version]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Papa — Mama [Әкешім-анашым]”
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Stand Up” [live Moscow Concert]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Sin­ful Pas­sion” [live Moscow Concert]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Know [Знай]” [music video]
(Blag­den 1985) Tripods: Ep.22 — Bless­ings of the Cognosc
(Blag­den 1985) Tripods: Ep.23 — The Cognosc Departs
(Mossop 2018) Imagination
(Quine 1965) How to Mur­der Your Wife
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Olimpi­co [Ogni Pietra]”
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “The Crown [live at Fash­ion Week, Xi’an]”
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Only You” [Stu­dio Version]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Could­n’t Leave” [Music Video]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Across End­less Dimen­sion” [film trailer] 
(Woods 1970) Equinox
(Kubrick & Spiel­berg 2001) A.I. Arti­fi­cial Intelligence
(del Toro 2022) Guiller­mo del Toro’s Pinocchio
(Rebane 1975) The Giant Spi­der Invasion

First-time listening for January, 2023

26447. (Friedrich Gul­da) Play Piano Play [10 Übungsstücke für Yuko]
26448. (Glenn Gould) Piano Sonata
26449. (Glenn Gould) Five Short Pieces for Piano
26450. (Glenn Gould) Two Pieces for Piano
26451. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “SOS d’un ter­rien en détresse” [live at World’s Best, 
. . . . . USA, 2019]
26452. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “All By Myself” [live at World’s Best, USA, 2019]
26453. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Ada­gio” [live at World’s Best, USA, 2019]
26454. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Give Me Your Love” [live in New York, 2019]
26455. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Made­moi­selle Hyde” [live in New York, 2019]
26456. (Omar Apol­lo) Ivory
26457. (Quick­sil­ver Mes­sen­ger Ser­vice) Live at Fill­more Audi­to­ri­um, Novem­ber 5, 1966
26458. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “My Swan [Аққуым]” [Music Video, 2019]
26459. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “My Star [Жұлдызым]” [live at D‑Dynasty, Moscow, 2019] 
26460. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Lay Down” [live at D‑Dynasty, Moscow, 2019]
26461. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Jamaica [live at D‑Dynasty, Moscow, 2019] 
26462. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Made­moi­selle Hyde” [live at New Wave, Sochi, 2019]
26463. (Zakir Husain & Ustas Sul­tan Khan) Saran­gi and Tabla
26464. (Pen­ta­tonix) At Home EP
26465. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Adai [Адай]” [2019]
26466. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Know [Знай]” [Live ver­sion, 2019]
26467. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Papa — Mama [Әкешім-анашым]” [live, 2019]
26468. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Stand Up” [live Moscow Con­cert, 2019]
26469. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Sin­ful Pas­sion” [live Moscow Con­cert, 2019]
26470. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Know [Знай]” [music video, 2019]
26471. (Paulin­ho DaVi­o­la) Foi Um Rio que Pas­sou em Min­ha Vida
26472. (Fer­ruc­cio Busoni) Sonata #1 in E Minor for Vio­lin & Piano
26473. (Future­cop!) The Adven­tures of Star­pony EP
26474. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Olimpi­co [Ogni Pietra]” [live 2019]
26475. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “The Crown” [live at Fash­ion Week, Xi’an, 2019]
26476. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Only You” [Stu­dio Ver­sion, 2019]
26477. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Could­n’t Leave” [Music Video, 2019]
26478. (Dimash Qudaiber­gen) “Across End­less Dimen­sion” [film trail­er, 2019] 
26479. (Carl Czerny) Grande Sonate Bril­lante for Piano Four-Hands 
26480. (Hania Rani) Home
26481. (Kishi Bashi) 151a
26482. (Arthur Sul­li­van) The Gold­en Leg­end, Can­ta­ta for Cho­rus and Orchestra
26483. (Ian Tyson) Cowboyography
26484. (Kishi Bashi) Omoiyari
26485. (Sik­si­ka Ram­blers) Straight from the Rez


25071. (John Wilkins) The Dis­cov­ery of a New World: or, a Dis­course tend­ing to Prove, 
. . . . . that it is Prob­a­ble there may be anoth­er Hab­it­able World in the Moon [1638]
25072. (Mike Cura­to) Flamer [graph­ic novel]
25073. (Richard Thomp­son, et al) In Search of Pleis­tocene Remains at the Gates of 
. . . . . Europe: Direct­ed Sur­face Sur­vey of the Mega­lopo­lis Basin [arti­cle]
25074. (Mat­ti Charl­ton) You’re Mine ― A True Sto­ry for Brave Lit­tle Ones [graph­ic story] 
25075. (Eber­hard Zang­ger & Serdal Mut­lu) Putting the Luwian Cul­ture on the Map 
. . . . . [arti­cle]
25076. (Ben­nett Bacon, et al) An Upper Palae­olith­ic Pro­to-writ­ing Sys­tem and 
. . . . . Phe­no­log­i­cal Cal­en­dar [arti­cle]
25077. (Mat­ti Charl­ton) The Bal­last Boy [novel­la]
25078. The Voyn­ich Man­u­script [fac­sim­i­le]
25079. (Sachin Kun­dalkar) Cobalt Blue
25080. (Yvan Malig­orne & Ambroise Las­salle) Icono­gra­phie funéraire de Narbonne: 
. . . . . à pro­pos d’un relief fig­u­rant un com­bat naval [arti­cle]
25081. (Xinyuan Zhang, et al) Mis­sion Overview and Ini­tial Obser­va­tion Results of the 
. . . . . X‑Ray Pul­sar Navigation‑I Satel­lite [arti­cle]
25082. (Julian Win­ters) The Sum­mer of Everything
25083. (Jose­ba Rios-Garaizar, et al) Late Pre­his­toric Coastal Set­tle­ment Pat­terns in the 
. . . . . Cantabri­an Region, North­ern Spain [arti­cle]
25084. [2] (Michel de Mon­taigne) De l’ami­tié [orig­i­nal text] [read in Flo­rio tr. at 9575]
25085. (Alex Sanchez & Julie Maroh) You Brought Me the Ocean [graph­ic novel]
25086. (Bert Groe­newoudt, et al) Map­ping Lost Wood­land, An Attempt to Use the Spatial 
. . . . . Dis­tri­b­u­tion of Wood­land-Relat­ed Place Names as a Proxy for Localizing 
. . . . . Wood­land in the Mid­dle Ages [arti­cle]
25087. (Col­in Leg­erton & Jacob Raw­son) Invis­i­ble Chi­na ― A Jour­ney Through Ethnic 
. . . . . Borderlands
25088. (Nile Green) Kebabs and Port Wine: The Culi­nary Cos­mopoli­tanism of Anglo-
. . . . . Per­sian Din­ing, 1800–1835 [arti­cle]

Tuesday, January 3, 2023 — The Remarkable John Wilkins

I do seri­ous­ly, and upon good grounds affirm it pos­si­ble to make a fly­ing-char­i­ot; in which a man may sit, and give such a motion unto it, as shall con­vey him through the air. And this per­haps might be made large enough to car­ry divers men at the same time, togeth­er with food for their viaticum, and com­modi­ties for traf­fic. It is not the big­ness of any thing in this kind, that can hin­der its motion, if the motive fac­ul­ty be answer­able there­un­to. We see a great ship swims as well as a small cork, and an eagle flies in the air as well as a lit­tle gnat.
 This engine may be con­trived from the same prin­ci­ples by which Archy­tas made a wood­en dové, and Regiomon­tanus a wood­en eagle.
 I con­ceive it were no dif­fi­cult mat­ter (if a man had leisure) to shew more par­tic­u­lar­ly the means of com­pos­ing it.
 The per­fect­ing of such an inven­tion, would be of such excel­lent use, that it were enough, not only to make a man famous, but the age also where­in he lives. For besides the strange dis­cov­er­ies that it might occa­sion in this oth­er world, it would be also of incon­ceiv­able advan­tage for trav­el­ling, above any oth­er con­veyance that is now in use.
 So that not­whith­stand­ing all these seem­ing impos­si­bil­i­ties, it is like­ly enough, that there may be a means invent­ed of jour­ney­ing to the moon; and how hap­py shall they be, that are first suc­cess­ful in this attempt?

― John Wilkins, The Dis­cov­ery of a New World: or, a Dis­course tend­ing to prove, that it is prob­a­ble there may be anoth­er Hab­it­able World in the Moon, with a Dis­course of the Pos­si­bil­i­ty of a Pas­sage thith­er (pub­lished in 1638)

Though Wilkins pub­lished this half a cen­tu­ry before the pub­li­ca­tion of New­ton’s Prin­cip­ia, he had a pret­ty good grasp of grav­i­ta­tion, though it remained unnamed and its nature baf­fled him, and could pic­ture well enough the behav­iour of bod­ies in space. He explic­it­ly stat­ed that if there were a tun­nel dug through the Earth that inter­sect­ed its cen­ter and end­ed at its antipodes, an object thrown down it would come to rest, hov­er­ing, exact­ly at the cen­ter. Wilkins was a math­e­mati­cian, and ten years after the Dis­cov­ery of a New World, pub­lished a vol­ume called Math­e­mat­i­cal Mag­ick, in which he explained the gen­er­al prin­ci­ples of mechan­ics, spec­u­lat­ed on pos­si­ble tech­no­log­i­cal advances in the future (includ­ing flight), and urged his read­ers to pur­sue sci­en­tif­ic studies.

Image of the Month

pho­to: Liz Svilans