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(Yea­worth 1958) The Blob
(Cross­land 2010) Mur­doch Mys­ter­ies: Ep.30 ― Rich Boy, Poor Boy
(Meza-León 2017) Rick and Morty: Ep.30 ― The ABC’s of Beth
(Dein 1960) The Leech Woman [Mys­tery Sci­ence The­atre ver­sion]
(May 1976) Mikey and Nicky
(Berke 1958) The Lost Mis­sile
(Cum­ming 1984) Doc­tor Who: Ep.615 ― Planet of Fire, Part 1
(Cum­ming 1984) Doc­tor Who: Ep.616 ― Planet of Fire, Part 2
(Cum­ming 1984) Doc­tor Who: Ep.617 ― Planet of Fire, Part 3
(Cum­ming 1984) Doc­tor Who: Ep.618 ― Planet of Fire, Part 4
(Verk­lan 2012) The Uni­verse: Ep.77 ― Ride the Comet
(Hense 2012) The Uni­verse: Ep.78 ― When Space Changed His­tory
(Sachs 1980) Galax­ina
(Chun 2017) Rick and Morty: Ep.31 ― The Rickchurian Morty­date
(Vaughn 2014) Kings­man: The Secret Ser­vice
(Edwards 1963) The Pink Pan­ther
(Way & Way 2018) Wild Wild Coun­try: Part 1
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First-time listening for May 2018

29171. (Arthur Sul­li­van) Suite from the Inci­den­tal Music to The Merry Wives of Wind­sor
29172. (Afghan Whigs) Big Top Hal­loween
29173. (Gioacchino Rossini) Armida [com­plete opera; d. Ser­afin; Callas, Albanese, Fil­ippeschi]
29174. (Sleater-Kinney) The Hot Rock
29175. (Arthur Sul­li­van [& W. S. Gilbert]) Trial By Jury [com­plete opera; D’Oyly Carte]
29176. (Dal­i­bor Slepčík) “Kou­zlo bíle­jch rán” [sin­gle]
29177. (Blod­wyn Pig) Ahead Rings Out
29178. (Alton Ellis) “I’ll Be Wait­ing” [sin­gle]
29179. (Grand Funk Rail­road) We’re An Amer­i­can Band
29180. (Haver­gal Brian) Sym­phony #5 “The Wine of Sum­mer“
29181. (Pri­mal Scream) Sonic Flower Groove
29182. (Alton Ellis) Cry Tough
29183. (Frank Zappa) Hot Rats
29184. (Osip Kozlovsky) Requiem in E-flat Minor
29185. (Xex) Group Xex
29186. (Clocks) The Clocks
29187. (Empire of the Sun) Ice on the Dune
29188. (Sure Is Pure) BBC Essen­tial Mix, April 23, 1994


27440. (Judea Pearl) Causal­ity ― Mod­els, Rea­son­ing, and Infer­ence [2nd ed.]
27441. (Chris Loen­dorf, David Jacobs & Glen E. Rice) Pet­ro­glyphs, Grind­ing Slicks, and
.… . Cupules of the Rock Island Com­ples: U:8:3e92/862 [arti­cle]
27442. (Steve Muhlberger) [in blog Muhlberger’s World His­tory] When Does Any­one Ever
.… . Appol­o­gize Like This? [arti­cle]
27443. (Steve Muhlberger) [in blog Muhlberger’s World His­tory] Ibn Batuta and the Empire of
.… . Mali in Extra His­tory [arti­cle]
27444. (Franziska Dövener, Car­ola Oelschlägel & Hervé Bocherens) Kamele im west­lichen
.… . Trever­erge­biet – ein nahezu voll­ständig erhaltenes Drom­e­dar aus dem vicus Mamer–
.… . Bar­trin­gen, Lux­em­burg [arti­cle]
27445. (Steve Muhlberger) [in blog Muhlberger’s World His­tory] Echo on the CBC ― Sci­ence
.… . Fic­tion, Metis His­tory and Graphic Nov­els [arti­cle]
27446. (Michael Sher­mer) The Moral Arc ― How Sci­ence and Rea­son Lead Human­ity Toward
.… . Truth, Jus­tice, and Free­dom
27447. (Masha Gessen) Trump’s Incom­pe­tence Won’t Save Our Democ­racy [arti­cle]
27448. (Michelle Markel) The Fan­tas­tic Jun­gles of Henri Rousseau [ill. Amanda Hall]
27449. (Sue Daniel) “Walk­ing in their tracks”: How Sydney’s Abo­rig­i­nal Paths Shaped the City
.… . [arti­cle]
27450. (Alanna Mitchell) The Spin­ning Mag­net
27451. (Kewin Peche-Quilichini, et al) Espaces de cir­cu­la­tion, espaces de chem­i­nen­ment:
.… . Quelques “pistes” de réflex­ion pour le Sud de la Corse entre Bronze final et pre­mier
.… . âge du Fer [arti­cle]
27452. (K. Doan, et al) Phy­lo­geog­ra­phy of the Tyrrhen­ian Red Deer {Cervus ela­phus
.… . cosi­canus} Resolved Using Ancient DNA of Radiocarbon-dated Sub­fos­sils [arti­cle]
27453. [2] (S. E. Hin­ton) The Out­siders
27454. (David Shul­man) Tamil ― A Biog­ra­phy
27455. (H.A.G. Houghton) Intro­duc­tion to the Com­men­tary of For­tu­na­tianus [pref­ace]
27456. (For­tu­na­tianus of Aquileia) Com­men­tary on the Gospels [tr. H.A.G. Houghton]

Image of the Month: Canadian Women’s Army Corps posed photo of Mary Greyeyes and Harry Ball, 1942.

18-05-31 BLOG 1 Mary GreyeyesThis pho­to­graph hung for decades in the National War Museum in Ottawa with its sub­jects labeled “uniden­ti­fied”, until Mary’s daughter-in-law learned of its exis­tence in 1995. The photo was taken to encour­age more women to join the army, and its staged “Indian bless­ing” prov­ing pop­u­lar, it was widely reprinted dur­ing the war, then forgotten.

Mary Greyeyes was from Muskeg Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. This tiny com­mu­nity (only 367 peo­ple live on the reserve) has a remark­able mil­i­tary his­tory. 56 of its youth served in the armed forces, includ­ing seven women, most of them named Greyeyes, Arcand or Lafond. Mary Greyeyes joined about the same time that my mother joined the Air Force. Muskeg Lake Cree have fought in Europe, Korea, and Afghanistan. Muskeg Lake is also the birth­place of the bal­let dancer, chore­o­g­ra­pher and film actor Michael Greyeyes.

Mary returned to Canada after fin­ish­ing her ser­vice in 1946, mar­ried, and made a career as an indus­trial seam­stress in Van­cou­ver. She died in 2011. The other par­tic­i­pant in the staged photo was Harry Ball, a Cree from Piapot First Nation, who was a World War I vet­eran. His Plains Chief regalia was scrounged up on that reserve, where the photo was taken.

Pho­tos of CWACS in action. Many were involved in dan­ger­ous work. They were not just clerk-typists and tea-brewers:

18-05-31 BLOG 2 CWACs18-05-31 BLOG 4 CWACS

18-05-31 BLOG 5 CWACSe3b2dff99d6d933a4e4a9ac9bfeb1fd4


(Spiel­berg 1981) Raiders of the Lost Ark
(Wilder 1954) Killers from Space
(Trelfer 2017) Dark Cor­ners Review: (38) Killers from Space
(Reit­man 1984) Ghost­busters
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First-time listening for April 2018

29151. (John Dun­sta­ple) Beata Mater à 3
29152. (Giuappe Sam­mar­tini) Recorder Con­certo in F
29153. (Bruce Kurnow) Sky Pas­sage
29154. (Ken John­son) The Nat­ural Piano
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27282. (Pet­ros C. Benias, et al) Struc­ture and Dis­tri­b­u­tion of an Unrec­og­nized Inter­sti­tium in
.… . Human Tis­sues [arti­cle]
27283. (Mark Bourie) Flim Flam ― Canada’s Great­est Frauds, Scams, and Con Artists
27284. (Maciej T. Kra­j­carz, Mag­dalena Kra­j­carz & Hervé Bocherens) Collagen-to-collagen
.… . Prey-predator Iso­topic Enrich­ment {Δ 13 C, Δ 15 N} in Ter­res­trial Mam­mals ― A
.… . Case Study of a Sub­fos­sil Red Fox Den [arti­cle]
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Image of the Month: Pluto

18-04-28 BLOG PlutoWe are in a great era of space explo­ration. This mag­nif­i­cent photo of Pluto (colour-enhanced, but oth­er­wise a true visual image) was taken by the New Hori­zons probe, which is now more than six bil­lion kms from Earth. New Hori­zons, launched in 2006, is enter­ing the vast outer regions of our solar sys­tem, which we are dis­cov­er­ing is far big­ger and more com­plex than was ever imag­ined. The heart-shaped plain called Sput­nik Plani­tia is an ocean of nitro­gen ice, which is semi-fluid and shows dynamic fea­tures sim­i­lar to those that occur in polar pack-ice on Earth. Adja­cent to it is a moun­tain­ous region charm­ingly named Cthulhu Mac­ula, which seems to be coloured by hydro­car­bon tars.


(Berke­ley 1939) They Made Me a Crim­i­nal
(Mar­shall 1961) The Phan­tom Planet [Mys­tery Sci­ence The­atre ver­sion]
(Dante 2013) Trail­ers from Hell: Joe Dante on Giant from the Unknown
(Cunha 1958) Giant from the Unknown
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First-time listening for March 2018

29100. (Shpon­gle) Muse­ums of Con­scious­ness
29101. (Atomic Rooster) Death Walks Behind You
29102. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #77 “Du sollt Gott, deinen Her­ren, lieben”, bwv.77
29103. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #78 “Jesu der du meine Seele”, bwv.78
29104. (Miles Davis) Dig [with Sonny Rollins]
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