(Zemeckis 1985) Back to the Future
(Mayne 1974) Doc­tor Who: Ep.374 ― The Mon­ster of Peladon, Part 5
(Mayne 1974) Doc­tor Who: Ep.375― The Mon­ster of Peladon, Part 6
(Mon­tagnon 1969) Civil­i­sa­tion, a Per­sonal View by Ken­neth Clark: Ep.6 ― Protest and
. . . Com­mu­ni­ca­tion
(Carr 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.15 ― Trea­sure of the Incas
(Flem­ing 1993) Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Ep.36 ― The Yel­low Iris
(Carr 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.16 ― Dou­ble Trou­ble
(Moxey 1960) The City of the Dead [aka Hor­ror Hotel] [Riff­Trax ver­sion]
(Dear 1993) Jour­ney to the Cen­ter of the Earth
(Carr 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.17 ― The Run­away Robot
(Rear­don 1999) The Simp­sons: Ep.226 ― Min­utes Over Tokyo
(Bruce 1993) Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Ep.37 ― The Case of the Miss­ing Will
(Sholem 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.18 ― Drums of Death
(Letts 1974) Doc­tor Who: Ep.376 ― Planet of the Spi­ders, Part 1
(Letts 1974) Doc­tor Who: Ep.377 ― Planet of the Spi­ders, Part 2
(Singer 2000) X-Men

Read more »

First-time listening for August 2016

27637. (Leon Scott [Édouard-Léon Scott de Mar­t­inville]) Au claire de la lune [first song
. . . . . recorded, April 9 1860 and recon­structed]
27638. (Leon Scott [Édouard-Léon Scott de Mar­t­inville]) Chi cred­e­ria sotto forme umane e
. . . . . sotto queste pas­torali spoglie fosse nascosto un Dio? Non mica un… from Tasso’s
. . . . . Aminta [first recorded spo­ken words, April or May 1860, recon­structed]
27639. (Leon Scott [Édouard-Léon Scott de Mar­t­inville]) Com­plete sound record­ing
. . . . . exper­i­ments, 1853–1860 [recon­structed by Lawrence Berke­ley National Lab­o­ra­tory]
27640. (Con­stant Lam­bert) Con­certo for Piano and Nine Instru­ments
27641. (Scott Joplin) The Best of Scott Joplin [YouTube com­pi­la­tion]
27642. (Zedd) Clar­ity
27643. (Jan Dis­mas Zelenka) Lita­niae Lau­re­tanae
27644. (Niko­lai Rimsky-Korsakov) The Tsar’s Bride [com­plete opera: d. Stein­berg; Shpiller,
. . . . . Mikhailov, Medtviediev –1943]
27645. (Thomas Edi­son) Mary Had a Lit­tle Lamb [1877 tin­foil record­ing]
27645. (Alexan­der Gra­ham Bell) Voice of Alexan­der Gra­ham Bell, recorded in 1885
27646. (George Fred­er­ick Hän­del) 1888 Edi­son cylin­der record­ing of three seg­ments from
. . . . . Israel in Egypt, con­ducted by August Manns
27647. (Deftones) Adren­a­line Read more »


26812. (Ste­fan Zweig) The Post-Office Girl [Rausch der Ver­wand­lung, tr. Joel Roten­berg]
26813. (Krzysztof Now­icki) The Final Neolithic in Crete: Ter­mi­nol­ogy and Chronol­ogy
. . . . . [arti­cle]
26814. (Ármann Jakob­s­son) The Specter of Old Age: Nasty Old Men in the Sagas of the
. . . . . Ice­landers [arti­cle]
26815. (Ángel Esparza Arroyo, Javier Velasco Vázquez & Ger­mán Delibes de Cas­tro) Nueva
. . . . . luz sobre un viejo hal­lazgo: El enter­ramiento de las Ter­razas del Man­zanares y su
. . . . . supuesta vin­cu­lación al grupo Cogo­tas I [arti­cle]
26816. (Evan­ge­los Kyr­i­akidis) Nudity in Late Minoan I Seal Iconog­ra­phy [arti­cle]
26817. (David Rem­nick) Trump and Putin: A Love Story [arti­cle]
26818. (Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews & Gil Burleigh) Bal­dock and the End of Roman Britain
. . . . . [arti­cle]
26819. (Arthur Conan Doyle) The American’s Tale, an Ari­zona Tragedy [story]
26820. (David Dayen) The DNC Is One Big Cor­po­rate Bribe [arti­cle]
26821. (Nile Green) Indian Sufism since the Sev­en­teenth Cen­tury ― Saints, Books and
. . . . . Empires in the Mus­lim Dec­can
26822. (John Fortescue-Aland) Pref­ace to The Dif­fer­ence between an Absolute and Lim­ited
. . . . . Monar­chy [1714] Read more »

Young Winwood

16-08-18 LISTENING Stevie WonderSome of my ear­li­est expe­ri­ences of lis­ten­ing to the blues came from the blues-rock bands of the 1960s and 1970s, which unob­tru­sively shared the record bins with the chart-topping bands, but were not house­hold words. I heard them long before I learned any­thing about clas­sic blues. Among my favourites were Traf­fic, Blind Faith and the Spencer Davis Group. What these three bands shared was the amaz­ing vocal­ist and multi-instrumentalist Steve Winwood.

Win­wood is Eng­lish, but he learned his trade from the Amer­i­can mas­ters. The older blues singers toured in Eng­land alone, rely­ing on local pickup bands for back­ing wher­ever they went, and the teenage Win­wood, active since the age of 8 in Birmingham’s club scene, played with B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker, Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, and even Bo Did­dley! Just how much he learned, and how quickly he learned it is demon­strated by this per­for­mance of the 1920s clas­sic “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out”, at the age of fifteen.


(Davis 1981) Clash of the Titans
(Carr 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.5 ― The Mon­key Mys­tery
(McKissock 2005) Islands of Scot­land: Ep.4 ― The Shet­land Islands
(Iwerks 1930) Fid­dle­sticks [Flip the Frog Car­toon #1]
(Tut­tle 1930) The Ben­son Mur­der Case
(Groen­ing & San­doval 2012) Futu­rama: Ep.106 ― Fun on a Bun
(Sholem 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.6 ― Night of Ter­ror
(McKissock 2005) Islands of Scot­land: Ep.5 ― Mull, Iona, Coll and Tiree
(Juran 1958) The 7th Voy­age of Sin­bad
(Sholem 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.7 ― The Birth­day Let­ter
(McKissock 2005) Islands of Scot­land: Ep.6 ― The West­ern Isles
(Mon­tagnon 1969) Civil­i­sa­tion, a Per­sonal View by Ken­neth Clark: Ep.2 ― The Great Thaw
(Granik 2010) Winter’s Bone
(Groen­ing & Muzquiz 2012) Futu­rama: Ep.107 ― Free Will Hunt­ing
(Sholem 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.8 ― The Mind Machine
(Sakharov 2012) Game of Thrones: Ep.13 ― What Is Dead May Never Die
(Herek 1996) 101 Dal­ma­tians
(Carr 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.9 ― Res­cue
(Carr 1952) The Adven­tures of Super­man: Ep.10 ― The Secret of Super­man
(Kramer 1963) It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Read more »

First-time listening for July 2016

27606. (Wolf­gang Amadeus Mozart) La clemenza di Tito [com­plete opera; d. Davis; w. Con­sta­ble,
.… . Bur­rows, Baker, Popp]
27607. (Court­ney Bar­nett) Some­times I Sit And Think, And Some­times I Just Sit
27608. (The 1975) The 1975 [2 cd ver­sion]
27609. (Kelela) Cut 4 Me
27610. (Suf­jen Stevens) Car­rie & Low­ell
27611. (Unlim­ited Sys­tems) Half Bro­ken Hearted
27612. (Father John Misty [aka J. Till­man]) Fear Fun
27613. (Ben­jamin Brit­ten) Diver­sions, Op.21: Vari­a­tion 3 March
27614. (Ben­jamin Brit­ten) Diver­sions, Op.21: Vari­a­tion 4 Arabesque
27615. (Ben­jamin Brit­ten) Diver­sions, Op.21: Vari­a­tion 5 Chant
27616. (Ben­jamin Brit­ten) Diver­sions, Op.21: Vari­a­tion 8 Bur­lesque
27617. (Ben­jamin Brit­ten) Diver­sions, Op.21: Vari­a­tion 9b Toc­cata 2
27618. (Ben­jamin Brit­ten) Diver­sions, Op.21: Vari­a­tion 10 Ada­gio
27619. (Ben­jamin Brit­ten) Diver­sions, Op.21: Vari­a­tion 11 Taran­tella
27620. (Baroness) Yel­low & Green
27621. (Mar­cabru) Bel m’es quan son li fruich madur [attrib­uted] Read more »


26767. (Poul Ander­son) The Dancer from Atlantis
26768. (Anto­nio Cur­rais, et al) Amy­loid Pro­teotox­i­c­ity Ini­ti­ates an Inflam­ma­tory Response
. . . . . Blocked by Cannabi­noids [arti­cle]
26769. (Richard Wilk) Towards an Anthro­pol­ogy of Bad Busi­ness [arti­cle]
26770. (Jesús Car­rob­les San­tos, et al) Tole­tum. Con­fig­u­ración y evolu­ción urbana de la cap­i­tal
. . . . . visigoda: urbs et ter­ri­to­rium [arti­cle]
26771. (Sally L. D. Karary) The Wilbour Papyrus and the Man­age­ment of the Nile River­banks
. . . . . in Rames­side Egypt: Pre­lim­i­nary Analy­sis of the Types of Cul­ti­vated Land [arti­cle]
26772. (Anto­nius Angelus Wei­j­nen & Mario Elinei) The Wheel in the Atlas Lin­guarum
. . . . . Europae: Het­eronyms and Seman­tic Den­sity [arti­cle] [d]
26773. (Jean-Guillaume Bor­des & Nico­las Teyssandier) The Upper Pale­olithic Nature of the
. . . . . Châtelper­ron­ian in South-Western France: Archaeostrati­graphic and Lithic Evi­dence [arti­cle]
Read more »

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 — Danger

16-07-27 BLOG CaligulaThings are get­ting very dan­ger­ous. There is now a seri­ous pos­si­bil­ity that the peo­ple of the United States will elect Caligula as Pres­i­dent. The entire world is endan­gered by this folly.

I will repeat what I have said before. I con­sider any Amer­i­can who votes Repub­li­can in the com­ing elec­tion to be a trai­tor to his coun­try. There is sim­ply no excuse con­ceiv­able for an act so immoral, so dis­gust­ing, so vile, as to vote to make Don­ald Trump the most pow­er­ful per­son in the world. Fur­ther­more, I count it a moral oblig­a­tion for any Amer­i­can to act to pre­vent it. Nobody can claim to be a patriot unless they actively oppose this mon­ster at least to the extent of going to the polls to vote against him. There can be no sit­ting this one out.


(Maté 1950) D.O.A.
(Marks 1966) Perry Mason: Ep.267 ― The Case of the Dead Ringer
(Ben­nett 1989) Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Ep.10 ― The Dream
(Kirk­land & Nas­tuk 1998) The Simp­sons: Ep.209 ― D’Oh-in’ in the Wind
(Hop­per 1966) Perry Mason: Ep.268 ― The Case of the Mis­guided Model
(Groen­ing & Marino 2011) Futu­rama: Ep.91 ― Yo Leela Leela
(Rye 2016) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.109 ― Saints and Sin­ners
(Ander­son 1998) The Simp­sons: Ep.210 ― Lisa Gets an “A
(Losey 1963) The Ser­vant
(Rye 1990) Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Ep.11 ― Peril at End House
(Leaver 1962) The Avengers: Ep.29 — The Deca­pod
(Groen­ing & Carey-Hill 2011) Futu­rama: Ep.94 ― Fry Am the Egg Man
(Laugh­land 2016) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.110 ― Har­vest of Souls
(Lev­ant 2009) Scooby-Doo! The Mys­tery Begins
(Hibbs 1966) Perry Mason: Ep.269 ― The Case of the Pos­i­tive Neg­a­tive
(Peck­in­pah 1958) The Rifle­man: Ep.4 ― The Mar­shal
(Stan­ley 1983) Voy­agers: Ep.17 ― Destiny’s Choice
(Ben­nett 1990) Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Ep.12 ― The Veiled Lady
(Hop­per 1966) Perry Mason: Ep.270 ― The Case of the Crafty Kid­nap­per
(Groen­ing & San­doval 2011) Futu­rama: Ep.92 ― All the Pres­i­dents’ Heads
(Abrams 2015) Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awak­ens
(Hibbs 1966) Perry Mason: Ep.271 ― The Case of the Final Fade­out Read more »

First-time listening for June 2016

  1. (Junko Ueda) The Epic of Heike [L’épopée des Heike]
  2. (Mr. Oizo & Sebastien Tel­lier) Steak
  3. (Maroon5) Hands All Over
  4. (Incred­i­ble Fred Banana Combo) FBS
  5. (Alan Hov­haness) Sat­urn for Soprano, Clar­inet & Piano, Op.243
  6. (Mark Ron­son) Here Comes the Fuzz
  7. (Johannes Cico­nia) bal­lata: “Merçé o morte
  8. (Johannes Cico­nia) madri­gal: “Una pan­thera
  9. (Johannes Cico­nia) bal­lata: “Gli atti col dançar
  10. (Johannes Cico­nia) bal­lata: “Ben che vui
  11. (Johannes Cico­nia) vire­lai: “Sus un fontayne
  12. (Johannes Cico­nia) madri­gal: “Caçando un giorno
  13. (Johannes Cico­nia) canon: “Quod jac­tatur
  14. (Johannes Cico­nia) motet: “Venecie, mundi
  15. (Johannes Cico­nia) bal­lata: “Chi nel servir antico
  16. (Johannes Cico­nia) bal­lata: “Deduto sey
  17. (Johannes Cico­nia) motet: “O virum omn­i­moda
  18. (Johannes Cico­nia) Glo­ria
  19. (Johannes Cico­nia) motet: “Regina glo­riosa
  20. (Twenty One Pilots) Regional at Best