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27757. (James H. Bar­rett, R. A. Nichol­son & R. Cerón-Car­ras­co) Archaeo-ichthy­olog­i­cal
. . . . . Evi­dence for Long-term Socioe­co­nom­ic Trends in North­ern Scot­land: 3500 BC
. . . . . to AD 1500 [arti­cle]
27758. (Michael Patrick Lynch) Know-It-All Soci­ety
27759. (Arthur Deconynck) La félic­ité ambiguë de l’arabie heureuse [arti­cle]
27760. (Drew Hay­den Tay­lor) Sir John A: Acts of a Gen­tri­fied Ojib­way Rebel­lion [play]
27761. (Cari­na Bar­bosa Gou­vêa) “Pelos poderes de Mon­tesquieu, eu ten­ho força!” [arti­cle]
27762. (Iain Banks, Eeri­ka Kosk­i­nen-Koivis­to & Oula Seit­so­nen) Pub­lic Engage­ments with
. . . . . Lapland’s Dark Her­itage: Com­mu­ni­ty Archae­ol­o­gy in Finnish Lap­land [arti­cle]
27763. (Johnathan Kirsch) A His­to­ry of the End of the World
27764. (I. Trinks, et al) Large-scale Archae­o­log­i­cal Prospec­tion of the Iron Age Set­tle­ment
. . . . . Site Uppåkra [arti­cle]
27765. (Richard T. McCrea, et al) A “Ter­ror of Tyran­nosaurs”: The First Track­ways of
. . . . . Tyran­nosaurids and Evi­dence of Gre­gar­i­ous­ness and Pathol­o­gy in Tyran­nosauri­dae
. . . . . [arti­cle]
27766. (Jor­rit M. Kelder, Sara E. Cole & Eric H. Cline) Mem­phis, Minos, and Myce­nae: Bronze
. . . . . Age Con­tact between Egypt and the Aegean [arti­cle]


27742. (Arthur Machen) The Angels of Mons: The Bow­men and Oth­er Leg­ends of the War [arti­cle]
27743. (Athur Machen) The Bow­men [sto­ry]
27744. (V. Watrous, et al) Econ­o­my and Soci­ety in the Gour­nia Region of Crete [arti­cle]
27745. (Amy Reed) The Boy and Girl who Broke the World
27746. (Ármann Jakob­s­son) Felce, William Mor­ris and the Ice­landic Sagas [review of William
. . . . . Mor­ris and the Ice­landic Sagas by Ian Felce] [review]
27747. (Tom Mason, et al) Spi­ders of Toron­to
27748. (Iurii Mosenkis) Sub­strates in Ger­man­ic [arti­cle]
27749. (Anto­nio Dama­sio) Descartes’ Error ― Emo­tion, Rea­son, and the Human Brain
27750. (Andrew Robin­son) Arthur C. Clarke [arti­cle]
27751. (Arthur C. Clarke) 2099 ― The Begin­ning of His­to­ry [arti­cle]
27752. (Michael Tur­back) Hot Choco­late
27753. (CIRC) Éclair­er l’avenir: Bul­letin de ren­de­ment des infra­struc­tures cana­di­ennes [report]
27754. (Kate Fazz­i­ni) King­dom of Lies
27755. (Anto­nio Dama­sio) Self Comes to Mind
27756. (Mark Sum­n­er) A Finan­cial His­to­ry of Don­ald Trump: From Daddy’s Lit­tle Boy, to
. . . . . Putin’s Best Part­ner [arti­cle]
27757. (John C. Wathey) The Illu­sion of God’s Pres­ence


27729. (Fred C. Woud­huizen) Ori­gin of the Luwian Hiero­glyph­ic Script [arti­cle]
27730. (John Hen­ry Cut­ler) Tom Stet­son On the Trail of the Lost Tribe
27731. (Serge Cassen, et al) La détec­tion des gravures sur deux mono­lithes du haut-cours du
. . . . . Rhône : Le Chemin des Collines à Sion et Le Genevray à Thonon-les-Bains [arti­cle]
27732. (Stephen Greenspan) Annals of Gulli­bil­i­ty
27733. (Arup Majumder) Effect of Land Acqui­si­tion on Social Struc­ture: An Ethno­graph­ic
. . . . . Study of a Vil­lage in Paschim Medinipur Dis­trict, West Ben­gal [arti­cle]
27734. (Anto­nio Dama­sio) The Strange Order of Things ― Life, Feel­ing, and the Mak­ing of
. . . . . Cul­tures
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27711. (Robert S. Mueller) Report On The Inves­ti­ga­tion Into Russ­ian Inter­fer­ence In The 2016
. . . . . Pres­i­den­tial Elec­tion [Wash­ing­ton Post edi­tion]
27712. (Made­line Ash­by) Com­pa­ny Town
27713. (Vale­rio Alfon­so Bruno) The Pro­duc­tion of Fear. Euro­pean Democ­ra­cies in the Age of
. . . . . Pop­ulisms and Tech­noc­ra­cies [arti­cle]
27714. (Esther J. Lee et al) Col­lec­tive Buri­als among Agro-pas­toral Soci­eties in lat­er Neolith­ic
. . . . . Ger­many: Per­spec­tives from Ancient DNA [arti­cle]
27715. (Tomas Chamor­ro-Pre­muz­ic) Why Do So Many Incom­pe­tent Men Become Lead­ers?
(Oliv­er Sacks) The Riv­er of Con­scious­ness:
. . . . 27716. (Oliv­er Sacks) Dar­win and the Mean­ing of Flow­ers [arti­cle]
. . . . 27717. (Oliv­er Sacks) Speed [arti­cle]
. . . . 27718. (Oliv­er Sacks) Sen­tience: The Men­tal Lives of Plants and Worms [arti­cle]
. . . . 27719. (Oliv­er Sacks) The Oth­er Road: Freud as Neu­rol­o­gist [arti­cle]
. . . . 27720. (Oliv­er Sacks) The Facil­i­ty of Mem­o­ry [arti­cle]
. . . . 27721. (Oliv­er Sacks) Mis­hear­ings [arti­cle]
. . . . 27722. (Oliv­er Sacks) The Cre­ative Self [arti­cle]
. . . . 27723. (Oliv­er Sacks) A Gen­er­al Feel­ing of Dis­or­der [arti­cle]
. . . . 27724. (Oliv­er Sacks) The Riv­er of Con­scious­ness [arti­cle]
. . . . 27725. (Oliv­er Sacks) Sco­toma: For­get­ting and Neglect in Sci­ence [arti­cle]
27726. (Rober­tus J. van der Spek) Eth­nic Seg­re­ga­tion in Hel­lenis­tic Baby­lon [arti­cle]
27727. (James Ran­di) The Truth About Uri Geller
27728. (Fiona Bowie) Witch­craft and Heal­ing among the Bang­wa of Cameroon [arti­cle]


27681. (Rut­ger Berman) Utopia for Real­ists
27682. (Richard Car­ri­er) The Sci­en­tist in the Ear­ly Roman Empire
(Else Har­toch -ed.) Moudre au Pays des Tun­gri:
. . . . 27683. (Else Har­toch) Intro­duc­tion [pref­ace]
. . . . 27684. (Else Har­toch) Les habi­tudes ali­men­taires et agri­coles du chef-lieu de la cité des
. . . . . . . . Ton­gres et ses régions envoisi­nantes [arti­cle]
. . . . 27685. (Else Har­toch & Lies­beth Van Camp) Les meules dans les con­textes rit­uels
. . . . . . . . [arti­cle]
. . . . 27686. (Else Har­toch & Ide Man­teleers) Évo­lu­tion typologique et fonc­tion­nem­net des
. . . . . . . . meules à tra­vers le temps [arti­cle]
. . . . 27687. (Else Har­toch et al) Un moulin à min­erai? [arti­cle]
. . . . 27688. (Tat­jana Gluhack, Eric Goe­maere & Else Har­toch) Prove­nance des matières
. . . . . . . . pre­mières et dif­fu­sion des meules [arti­cle]
. . . . 27689. (Frans Dop­eré, Else Hatoch & Ste­fanie Wefers) Pro­duc­tion de meules de la
. . . . . . . . préhis­toire à l’époque postro­maine [arti­cle]
. . . . 27690. (Else Har­toch et al) Cat­a­logue et méthodolo­gie util­isée [arti­cle]
. . . . 27691. (Else Har­toch et al) Con­clu­sions [arti­cle]
27692. (Lawrence Bark­well) The Metis Men of the Lewis and Clark Expe­di­tion [arti­cle]
27693. (Robert J. Lifton) Thought Reform and the Psy­chol­o­gy of Total­ism
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27661. (Oliv­er Diet­rich, et al) Göbek­li Tepe ― Pre­lim­i­nary Report on the 2012 and 2013
. . . . . Exca­va­tion Sea­sons [arti­cle]
27662. (Jean Man­co) Ances­tral Jour­neys ― The Peo­pling of Europe from the First Ven­tur­ers to
. . . . . the Vikings
27663. Fun-Size Beano #84 [comix]
27664. (John F. Hel­li­well, Richard Layard & Jef­frey D. Sachs) World Hap­pi­ness Report 2019
27665. (J. R. Miller) Sky­scrap­ers Hide the Heav­ens: A His­to­ry of Indi­an-White Rela­tions in
. . . . . Cana­da
27666. (Michaël Thevenin & Anna Mikhkian) Le ronde aux mou­tons: pra­tiques de gar­di­en­nage
. . . . . col­lec­tif des trou­peaux com­mu­naux en Arménie [arti­cle]
27667. (Bar­bara Woot­ton) Free­dom Under Plan­ning
(William Brei­d­ing -ed.) Portable Stor­age One [Spring 2019]
. . . . 27668. (William Brei­d­ing) Crow’s Car [edi­to­r­i­al]
. . . . 27669. (Aljo Svo­bo­da) Imper­fect Rec­ol­lec­tions [arti­cle]
. . . . 27670. (Dale Nel­son) Sort of Like Tolkien [arti­cle]
. . . . 27671. (William Brei­d­ing) Mus­ings of an Unlit­er­ary Man [arti­cle]
. . . . 27672. (John Fugazzi) The Piv­ot Point: The Bea­t­les’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lone­ly Hearts Club
. . . . . . . . . Band [arti­cle]
. . . . 27673. (Janet K. Miller) Blue [arti­cle]
. . . . 27674. (William Brei­d­ing) Review of Anni­hi­la­tion by Jeff Van­der­meer [review]
. . . . 27675. (Vin­cent McHardy) Not a Good Day to Die [arti­cle]
. . . . 27676. (Ray Wood) Let­ter of Com­ment [let­ter]
. . . . 27677. (Gary Hub­bard) Let­ter of Com­ment [let­ter]
. . . . 27678. (G. Sut­ton Brei­d­ing) The Gor­gon of Pos­es [arti­cle]
27679. (W. D. Val­gar­d­son) Gen­tle Sin­ners
27680. (Knut Rass­mann -ed.) High Pre­ci­sion Tripolye Set­tle­ment Plans, Demo­graph­ic
. . . . . Esti­ma­tions and Set­tle­ment Orga­ni­za­tion [arti­cle]


27649. (Michael Breen) The New Kore­ans
27650. (Kon­stan­ti­nos Kopa­nias & Sher­ry C. Fox) Head­shap­ing and Iden­ti­ty at Tell Nad­er
. . . . . [arti­cle]
27651. (M. Ginolfi, et al) Where Does Galac­tic Dust Come From? [arti­cle]
27652. (Hergé) Tintin au Con­go
27653. (John T. Koch) Hα C1α ≠ PC [The Ear­li­est Hall­statt Iron Age Can­not Equal Pro­to-
. . . . . Celtic] [arti­cle]
27654. (W. D. Val­gar­d­son) Thor
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(Richardson 1965) The Loved One

This is the kind of film that should be seen by hap­pen­stance. A delib­er­ate view­ing can’t match the deli­cious plea­sure of stum­bling upon it by chance. I real­ly shouldn’t even be telling you about it.

In 1947, the British nov­el­ist Eve­lyn Waugh was approached by Hol­ly­wood for a pos­si­ble film­ing of his nov­el Brideshead Revis­it­ed. The book’s two essen­tial com­po­nents were a heavy dose of the mys­ti­cal upper-class Catholi­sism which exists only in Eng­land and bears no resem­blance to Catholi­cism any­where else, and a steamy homo­sex­u­al yearn­ing that man­ages to nev­er men­tion homo­sex­u­al­i­ty. The idea that this would have been made into a film even vague­ly resem­bling the orig­i­nal was ludi­crous, but Waugh was hap­py to let Hol­ly­wood give him an all-expense-paid trip to Los Ange­les to hag­gle. Waugh had no inten­tion of going through with the deal. Waugh was a snob — he was revolt­ed that “low­er-class” ser­vice peo­ple spoke to him as an equal, detest­ed Amer­i­can infor­mal­i­ty, and com­plained about every­thing. But snobs often write the best satire (think Thack­er­ay), as they have no com­punc­tions about hurt­ing people’s feel­ings. Hol­ly­wood is a bizarre, arti­fi­cial, and goofy place even for Amer­i­cans, and Waugh found plen­ty of mate­r­i­al for his next satir­i­cal nov­el, The Loved One, which appeared in 1948. He was par­tic­u­lar­ly fas­ci­nat­ed by Amer­i­cans’ pecu­liar atti­tudes towards death and (to a Brit) weird funer­al cus­toms. The plot is sim­ple: A young Eng­lish­man with a posh edu­ca­tion but no par­tic­u­lar ambi­tion wins a trip to Hol­ly­wood, and stays with an Uncle who is a stal­wart in the expat British com­mu­ni­ty in the film stu­dios. His host com­mits sui­cide, leav­ing him to fend for him­self on this alien plan­et. Attend­ing to his uncle’s funer­al, he becomes involved with Aimée Thanatogenos, an embalmer work­ing at Whis­per­ing Glades Ceme­tery, a spec­tac­u­lar­ly vul­gar Dis­ney­land of Death cre­at­ed by the mega­lo­ma­ni­ac Blessed Rev­erend Glen­wor­thy. He encoun­ters an assort­ment of lunatics, all of them dis­play­ing extreme ver­sions of Amer­i­can cul­ture that Waugh found offen­sive and laugh­able. As in many of Waugh’s books, and many of the same ilk, the “hero” dis­plays no notice­able virtues oth­er than not being one of the loonies. 

Tony Richard­son, a British direc­tor who had scored big with crit­i­cal­ly acclaimed and finan­cial­ly suc­cess­ful films (Look Back in Anger; The Enter­tain­er; A Taste of Hon­ey; The Lone­li­ness of the Long Dis­tance Run­ner; Tom Jones) filmed the book in 1965. The script was writ­ten by the wild­ly unlike­ly com­bi­na­tion of Ter­ry South­ern and Christo­pher Ish­er­wood. South­ern is not much read now, but in 1965 he was in lit­er­ary vogue, and usu­al­ly paired with Kurt Von­negut as a satirist. Ish­er­wood was a gay play­wright and nov­el­ist who had chron­i­cled the sex­u­al under­ground of Weimar Ger­many, and would lat­er reach a wide audi­ence with Cabaret. Waugh had vicious­ly car­i­ca­tured Ish­er­wood in one of his nov­els, but in that cat­ty lit­er­ary crowd such things appar­ent­ly did not mat­ter much. The film script sticks fair­ly close to the book, but adds a some scenes that make it fit in bet­ter with 1965. These addi­tions would, I sus­pect, have been fine with Waugh. Visu­al­ly, the film is a feast. Every shot fills the eye with details just as fun­ny as the sit­u­a­tions and the dia­log. Every cut serves a satir­ic pur­pose. But the real bonan­za is the cast­ing. Aimée Thanatogenos is played to per­fec­tion by Anjanette Cormer, whose remark­able tal­ent was nev­er well-used by Hol­ly­wood. The Eng­lish hero is played by Robert Morse, one of the few Amer­i­can actors at the time who could con­vinc­ing­ly play an Eng­lish­man — while the vul­gar Amer­i­can film mogul is played by Rod­dy Mac­Dowall, then still best known as a for­mer Eng­lish child star. Lib­er­ace turns in a hilar­i­ous per­for­mance as a funer­al direc­tor — he real­ly missed a chance to be a great com­ic film actor. Jonathan Win­ters plays both the Rev­erend Glen­wor­thy and his incom­pe­tent twin broth­er, mak­ing each char­ac­ter a gem. Rod Steiger chews the scenery with the moth­er-obsessed and near­ly psy­chot­ic Mr. Joy­boy. Paul Williams is a child rock­et sci­en­tist. The actu­al Hol­ly­wood Eng­lish Con­tin­gent (reg­u­lar­ly cast as “Lords and but­lers”) essen­tial­ly play them­selves: John Giel­gud, Robert Mor­ley, Alan Napi­er. Mil­ton Berle, James Coburn, Mar­garet Leighton, Bar­bara Nichols, Lionel Stander, and Bernie Kopell do well-craft­ed bits. There are numer­ous Hol­ly­wood in-jokes that the audi­ence could hard­ly have been expect­ed to catch. For exam­ple, the cow­boy film star who is being absurd­ly voice-coached by the stu­dio to play an Eng­lish Lord is played by Robert Eas­t­on. Eas­t­on was him­self a voice coach, and one of the worlds great­est author­i­ties on Eng­lish dialects. Many in the cast were clos­et­ed gays. Tab Hunter plays a tour guide! 

It’s extra­or­di­nary that this satir­i­cal film, made 54 years ago, based on a book writ­ten 71 years ago, remains rel­e­vant and bit­ing­ly fun­ny.


27625. (Alber­to Ren­zul­li et al) Pan­tel­le­ria Island as a Cen­tre of Pro­duc­tion for the Archa­ic
. . . . . Phoeni­cian Trade in Basaltic Mill­stones [arti­cle]
27626. (Kenan Işik & Rifat Kuvanç) A New Part of Horse Trap­ping Belong­ing to Urart­ian King
. . . . . Min­ua from Adana Archae­ol­o­gy Museim and on Urišḫi-Urišḫusi-Urur­da Words in
. . . . . Urart­ian [arti­cle]
27627. (Fri­da Beck­man) Gilles Deleuze
27628. (Gina L. Barnes) Chi­na, Korea and Japan ― The Rise of Civ­i­liza­tion in East Asia
27629. (John T. Toth) For­ma­tion of the Indo-Euro­pean Branch­es in the Light of the
. . . . . Archaeo­ge­net­ic Rev­o­lu­tion [arti­cle]
27630. (Nuwan Abey­war­dana et al) Indige­nous Agri­cul­tur­al Sys­tems in the Dry Zone of Sri
. . . . . Lan­ka: Man­age­ment Trans­for­ma­tion Assess­ment and Sus­tain­abil­i­ty [arti­cle]
27631. (William S. Ayres) Review of Rapanui: Tra­di­tion and Sur­vival on East­er Island by
. . . . . Grant McCall [review]

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27611. (Bruno Ernst) The Mag­ic Mir­ror of M. C. Esch­er
27612. (Ľubomír Novák) Yagh­no­bi: An Exam­ple of a Lan­guage in Con­tact [arti­cle]
27613. (Bas­ti­aan Star et al) Ancient DNA Reveals the Arc­tic Ori­gin of Vikin Age Cod from
. . . . . Haithabu, Ger­many [arti­cle]
27614. (Bob Wood­ward) Fear ― Trump in the White House
27615. (Olivi­er Pute­lat et al) Une chas­se aris­to­cra­tique dans le ried cen­tre-Alsace au pre­mie
. . . . . moyen âge [arti­cle]
27616. (Phil R. Bell & Philip J. Cur­rie) A Tyran­nosaur Jaw Bit­ten by a Con­fa­mil­ial: Scav­eng­ing
. . . . . or Fatal Ago­nism? [arti­cle]
27617. (Ian Hod­der) Where Are We Going? The Evo­lu­tion of Humans and Things
27618. (Rebec­ca Miles -ed.) Eye­wit­ness Trav­el: Cana­da
27619. (Steven A. Rosen) Cult and the Rise of Desert Pas­toral­ism: A Case Study from the
. . . . . Negev [arti­cle]
27620. (Justin Son­nen­burg & Eri­ca Son­nin­burg) The Good Gut
27621. (Kevin Sachs) Does Chris­ten­dom Explain Europe? [arti­cle]
27622. (John D. Rock­e­feller) Ran­dom Rem­i­nis­cences of Men and Events
27622. (Or Rosen­boim) Bar­bara Woot­ton, Friedrich Hayek and the Debate on Demo­c­ra­t­ic
. . . . . Fed­er­al­ism in the 1940s [arti­cle]
27623. (Jack Elliott) Hiver­nant Métis Fam­i­lies, Brigades and Set­tle­ments in the Cypress Hills
. . . . . [arti­cle]
27624. (S. B. Kli­menko & M. V. Stanyukovich) Yat­tuka and Tuwali Ifu­gao Hud­hud: Yat­tuka,
. . . . . Keley-1, and Tuwali Ifu­gao Inter­fer­ence [arti­cle]