First-time listening for February 2019

25488. (Nic­colò Pagani­ni) Sonata #2 in D for Vio­lin & Gui­tar “Cen­tone di Sonate”, Op.64a
. . . . . MS112 #2
25489. (Nic­colò Pagani­ni) Grande Sonata for Vio­lin & Gui­tar in A, Op.39 MS3
25490. (Nic­colò Pagani­ni) Sonata Con­cer­ta­ta for Gui­tar & Vio­lin in A, Op.61 MS2
25491. (Nic­colò Pagani­ni) Cantabile in D for Vio­lin and Gui­tar, Op.17 MS109
25492. (Waka Floc­ka Flame) Big Homie Floc­ka
25493. (Wreck­less Eric) The Won­der­ful World of Wreck­less Eric
25494. (Avril Lav­i­gne) Let Go
25495. (Guil­laume Dufay) Ave Maris Stel­la
25496. (Guil­laume Dufay) Ave Regi­na Coelo­rum à 4
25497. (Gruff Rhys) Babels­burg
25498. (Demi Lova­to) Don’t For­get
25499. (John Gay & Johann Pepusch) The Beggar’s Opera [com­plete opera; d. Sar­gent; Cameron,
. . . . . Mori­son, Sin­clair]
25500. (Goril­laz) Plas­tic Beach
25501. (Big Boi) Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
25502. (Jacopo Peri) Lamen­to di Iole for Voice and Con­tin­uo [s. Figueras]
25503. (Seun Kuti) From Africa With Fury: Rise
25504. (XX) Coex­ist
25505. (John Gay & Johann Pepusch) The Beggar’s Opera [ver­sion revised by Ben­jamin Brit­ten]
. . . . . [com­plete opera; d. Bed­ford; Mur­ray, Rawns­ley, Lloyd]
25506. (Vital Idles) Left Hand
25507. (Âme) Dream House
25508. (Cap­tain Beef­heart & His Mag­ic Band) Strict­ly Per­son­al
25509. (Bri­an Jon­estown Mas­sacre) Some­thing Else
25510. (August Wind­ing) Piano Con­cer­to in A Minor, Op.16
25511. (Bet­tye LaVette) Things Have Changed
25512. (Ahmed Adnan Say­gun) Con­cer­to for Vio­la and Orches­tra, Op.59
25513. (Clay Hips) Hap­pi­ly Ever After
25514. (Incubus) 8
25515. (Ash­ley Mon­roe) Spar­row
25516. (Sil­vius Leopold Weiss) Lute Sonata [suite] #4 in B-flat
25517. (Sil­vius Leopold Weiss) Lute Sonata [suite] #5 in G
25518. (Sil­vius Leopold Weiss) Lute Sonata [suite] #6 in E-flat
25519. (Coeur De Pirate) En cas de tem­pête, ce jardin sera fer­mé
25520. (Ry Cood­er) The Prodi­gal Son
25521. (Frank Zap­pa) Chunga’s Revenge
25522. (4 Skins) The Best of the 4 Skins
25523. (John Stain­er) Duet “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling” from the Ora­to­rio Daugh­ter of Jaïrus
25524. (Fine Young Can­ni­bals) Fine Young Can­ni­bals
25525. (Cre­ation [Japan­ese band]) Cre­ation
25526. (Johannes Ock­egham) Déplo­ration sur la mort de Bin­chois
25527. (Imag­ine Drag­ons) Imag­ine Drag­ons EP
25528. (My Chem­i­cal Romance) Dreams of Stab­bing and-or Being Stabbed [demo]
25529. (Child­ish Gam­bi­no) Sick Boi [mix­tape]
25530. (Nick­el­back) Curb
25531. (Mike Nesmith) The Wichi­ta Train Whis­tle Sings
25532. (Anto­nio Maria Bononci­ni) Mass in G Minor
25533. (Blod­wyn Pig) Base­ment Tapes
25534. (Michael Kiwanu­ka) Tell Me a Tale EP
25535. (Jacques Offen­bach) La belle Hélène [com­plete opera; sung in Ger­man; d. Allers; Mof­fo,
. . . . . Kol­lo, Rebroff]
25536. (Neon Neon) Prax­is Makes Per­fect
25537. (Toy) Hap­py in the Hol­low
25538. (Pedro the Lion) Phoenix
25539. (Spiel­bergs) This Is Not the End
25540. (William Tyler) Goes West
25541. (James Blake) Assume Form
25542. (Kamasi Wash­ing­ton) Har­mo­ny of Dif­fer­ence
25543. (Mag­gie Rogers) Blood Bal­let
25544. (Lau­rie Ander­son & Kro­nos Quar­tet) Land­fall

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