27649. (Michael Breen) The New Kore­ans
27650. (Kon­stan­ti­nos Kopa­nias & Sher­ry C. Fox) Head­shap­ing and Iden­ti­ty at Tell Nad­er
.… . [arti­cle]
27651. (M. Ginolfi, et al) Where Does Galac­tic Dust Come From? [arti­cle]
27652. (Hergé) Tintin au Con­go
27653. (John T. Koch) Hα C1α ≠ PC [The Ear­li­est Hall­statt Iron Age Can­not Equal Pro­to-
.… . Celtic] [arti­cle]
27654. (W. D. Val­gar­d­son) Thor
27655. (Matthew Gut­mann) Sig­mund Had a Mon­key [arti­cle]
27656. (Ian Hod­der) More on His­to­ry Hous­es at Çatal­höyük [arti­cle]
27655. (James Ran­di) The Faith Heal­ers
27656. (Kei­th N. Knapp) Noble Crea­tures ― Fil­ial and Right­eous Ani­mals in Ear­ly Medieval
.… . Con­fu­cian Thought [arti­cle]
27657. [2] (Her­man Melville) The Con­fi­dence-Man
27658. (Dim­itrij Mlekuž) Ani­mat­ed Caves and Fold­ed Land­scapes [arti­cle]
27659. (Philip José Farmer) Moth­er [sto­ry]
27660. (W. D. Val­gar­d­son) In Valhalla’s Shad­ows

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