First-time listening for May 2019

30215. (Eno Moe­bius Roedelius) After the Heat
30216. (Log­gins & Messi­na) Moth­er Lode
30217. (Jan Jelinek) Tier­beobach­tun­gen
30218. (G. Litin­sky) String Quar­tet #12 in G
30219. (UNKLE) Do Androids Dream of Elec­tric Beats
30220. (Amon Tobin) inFA­MOUS: Orig­i­nal Sound­track from the Video Game
30221. (Takashi Yoshi­mat­su) And Birds are Still… for String Orches­tra, Op.72
30222. (Under­world) The Anthol­o­gy 1992–2012
30223. (Maps & Atlases) Light­ness Is Noth­ing New
30224. (UNKLE) The Road Part 1
30225. (Guil­laume Dufay) Mis­sa Caput
30226. (UNKLE) The Road Part 2 Lost High­way
30227. (Christoph Willibald Gluck) Le Cine­si [com­plete opera with­out recita­tives; d. Jacobs;
. . . . . Poule­nard, von Otter, Ban­ditel­li, de Mey]
30228. (Mike Krol) I Hate Jazz
30229. (Dizzee Ras­cal) Rask­it
30230. (Maps & Atlases) Beware and Be Grate­ful
30231. (Vick­tor Tai­wò) Joy Comes in Spir­it
30232. (Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky) The Storm, Over­ture in E m
30233. (Rat Boy) Scum
30234. (Pan­da Bear) Buoys
30235. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Fan­ta­sia C3 (54) for Organ
30236. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Psalm 23 (62) for Organ
30237. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Toc­ca­ta d3 (58) for Organ
30238. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Christe qui Lux est et Dies for Organ
30239. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Toc­ca­ta G3 (69) for Organ
30240. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) De Tien Gebo­den Gods (41a) for Organ
30241. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Fan­ta­sia g1 (41a) for Organ
30242. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Allein zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ (33) for Organ
30243. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Prae­ludi­um ped­alier (76) for Organ
30244. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Vater unser im Him­mel­re­ich (78/79) for Organ
30245. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Allein zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ (84) for Organ
30246. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Capric­cio a1 (75) for Organ
30247. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Malle Sij­men (70) for Organ
30248. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Toc­ca­ta F1 (83) for Organ
30249. (Fen­nesz) End­less Sum­mer
30250. (Ray Charles) Ulti­mate Col­lec­tion CD1
30251. (Takashi Yoshi­mat­su) While an Angel Falls into a Doze… for Piano and String Orches­tra
30252. (Blood Red Shoes) Get Trag­ic
30253. (Vladislav Delay) Entain
30254. (Luo­mo) Plus

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