24208. (Arthur Machen) The Angels of Mons: The Bow­men and Oth­er Leg­ends of the War
. . . . . [arti­cle]
24209. (Athur Machen) The Bow­men [sto­ry]
24210. (V. Watrous, et al) Econ­o­my and Soci­ety in the Gour­nia Region of Crete [arti­cle]
24211. (Amy Reed) The Boy and Girl who Broke the World
24212. (Ármann Jakob­s­son) Felce, William Mor­ris and the Ice­landic Sagas [review of William
. . . . . Mor­ris and the Ice­landic Sagas by Ian Felce] [review]
24213. (Tom Mason, et al) Spi­ders of Toron­to
24214. (Iurii Mosenkis) Sub­strates in Ger­man­ic [arti­cle]
24215. (Anto­nio Dama­sio) Descartes’ Error ― Emo­tion, Rea­son, and the Human Brain
24216. (Andrew Robin­son) Arthur C. Clarke [arti­cle]
24217. (Arthur C. Clarke) 2099 ― The Begin­ning of His­to­ry [arti­cle]
24218. (Michael Tur­back) Hot Choco­late
24219. (CIRC) Éclair­er l’avenir: Bul­letin de ren­de­ment des infra­struc­tures cana­di­ennes [report]
24220. (Kate Fazz­i­ni) King­dom of Lies
24221. (Anto­nio Dama­sio) Self Comes to Mind
24222. (Mark Sum­n­er) A Finan­cial His­to­ry of Don­ald Trump: From Daddy’s Lit­tle Boy, to
. . . . . Putin’s Best Part­ner [arti­cle]
24223. (John C. Wathey) The Illu­sion of God’s Pres­ence

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