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. . . . . Made upon the Bills of Mor­tal­i­ty [1662]
24296. (Thomas Piket­ty) Cap­i­tal and Ide­ol­o­gy
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24298. (Joyce Mar­cus) The Inca Con­quest of Cer­ro Azul [arti­cle]
24299. (Tobias Richter, et al) Inter­ac­tion before Agri­cul­ture: Exchang­ing Mate­r­i­al and Shar­ing
. . . . . Knowl­edge in the Final Pleis­tocene Lev­ant [arti­cle]
24300. (Daniel An, et al) Appar­ent Evi­dence for Hawk­ing Points in the CMB Sky [arti­cle]
24301. (Joseph N. Burchett, et al) Reveal­ing the Dark Threads of the Cos­mic Web [arti­cle]
24302. (Oliv­er Diet­rich) Göbek­li Tepe: A Stair­way to the Cir­cle of Boars [arti­cle]
24303. (Kevin G. Hata­la, et al) Snap­shots of Human Anato­my, Loco­mo­tion, and Behav­ior from
. . . . . Late Pleis­tocene Foot­prings at Engare Sero, Tan­za­nia [arti­cle]
24304. (Alex­ei & Cory Pan­shin) Earth Mag­ic
24305. (Adam Gry­d­høj, Yaso Nadara­jah & Ulun­nguaq Markussen) Islands of Indi­gene­ity:
. . . . . Cul­tur­al Dis­tinc­tion, Indige­nous Ter­ri­to­ry and Island Spa­cial­i­ty [arti­cle]

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