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(Gates 2013) Bates Motel: Ep.1 ― First You Dream, Then You Die
(Grif­fith 1910) An Arca­di­an Maid
(Fish­er 1953) Four Sided Tri­an­gle
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(Tenold 2020) Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews: Mes­sage from Space
(Trelfer 2020) Dark Cor­ners Review: (217) Mes­sage from Space
(Dono­van 1959) Nero Wolfe: Count the Man Down [unsold TV pilot]
(Gor­don 1958) Earth vs. the Spi­der
(Pey­ton 2012) Jour­ney 2: The Mys­te­ri­ous Island
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(Tau­rog 1924) Fast and Furi­ous
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(Pey­ton 2019) Day­break: Ep.1 ― Josh vs. the Apoc­a­lypse
(Tong 1995) Rum­ble in the Bronx [紅番區]
(Dmytryk 1965) Mirage
(Brooks 1974) Blaz­ing Sad­dles
(Yamaza­ki 2019) Drag­on Quest: Your Sto­ry
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(Tenold 2020) Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews: (218) Spasms
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(Dav­en­port 1982) Xtro
(Trelfer 2020) Dark Cor­ners Review: (421) Xtro
(Flock­er 1977) Ghosts That Still Walk
(Trelfer 2020) Dark Cor­ners Review: (424) Ghosts That Still Walk

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