(Wilder 1953) Phan­tom From Space
(Trelfer 2021) Dark Cor­ners Review: Phan­tom From Space
(Tokar 1959) Leave It To Beaver: Ep.67 ― Beaver’s Newspaper
(Dante 2013) Trail­ers from Hell: Joe Dante on Phan­tom From Space
(Sands & Tojo 1975) Hanu­man and the Five Rid­ers [หนุมาน พบ 5 ไอ้มดแดง]
(Tenold 2021) Bran­don’s Cult Movie Review: Hanu­man and the Five Riders
(Min­er 1989) Warlock
(Tenold 2021) Bran­don’s Cult Movie Review: Warlock
(Dav­es 1959) A Sum­mer Place(Ho 1988) Scor­pi­on Thunderbolt
(Trelfer 2021) Dark Cor­ners Review: Scor­pi­on Thunderbolt
(Har­mon & Ising 1930) Sinkin’ in the Bath­tub [Hon­ey & Bosko cartoon]
(Salmon 2014) Nowhere Boys: Ep.16
(Nowl­an 2021) La Brea: Ep.2 ― Day Two
(Roth 2018) The House with a Clock in Its Walls
(Tourneur 1942) Cat People
(Casarosa 2021) Luca
(Con­nor 1971) The Land That Time For­got [Mys­tery Sci­ence The­atre Version]
(Brown­ing 1932) Freaks
(Mot­to­la 2011) Paul
(Downey 2009) ThanksKilling
(Tenold 2021) Bran­don’s Cult Movie Review: ThanksKilling
(Salmon 2014) Nowhere Boys: Ep.17
(Hen­son 1996) Mup­pet Trea­sure Island
(Con­nor 1978) War­lords of Atlantis [aka War­lords of the Deep]
(Tenold 2014) Bran­don’s Cult Movie Review: War­lords of Atlantis
(Trelfer 2021) From Cat Peo­ple to Bed­lam: The Hor­ror Films of Val Lewton
(Kos­sakovsky 2020) Gunda
(Van Dyke 1934) The Thin Man
(Forbes 1964) Séance on a Wet Afternoon
(Petri 1965) The 10th Vic­tim [La dec­i­ma vittima]
(Trelfer 2021) Dark Cor­ners Review: The Tenth Victim

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