(Dear­den 1969) The Assas­si­na­tion Bureau
(New­land 1959) One Step Beyond: Ep.1 ― The Bride Pos­sessed [pilot]
(Hon­da 1964) Moth­ra vs. Godzil­la [モスラ対ゴジラ; Mosura tai Gojira]
(Trelfer 2021) Bran­don’s Cult Movie Review: Moth­ra vs. Godzilla
(Dante ) Trail­ers from Hell: Joe Dante on The Curse of the Cat People
(von Fritsch & Wise 1944) The Curse of the Cat People
(Trelfer 2021) Val Lew­ton’s Cat Peo­ple: Beyond the Shadows
(Matthews 1998) The Fairy King of Ar [aka Beings] [Riff­Trax version]
(Grei­danus 1990) The Final Sac­ri­fice [Mys­tery Sci­ence The­atre version]
(Sanders 2021) Foun­da­tion: Ep.1 ― The Emperor’s Peace
(Gowarik­er 2016) Mohen­jo Daro
(Hon­da 1963) Atragon [海底軍艦; Kaitei Gunkan] 
(Hawthorne 2018) That Far Cor­ner: Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles
(Del Ruth 1959) The Alli­ga­tor People
(RuPaul 2021) Drag­ging the Clas­sics: The Brady Bunch
(Tourneur 1943) I Walked with a Zombie
(Briese­witz 2001) The Wheel of Time: Ep.1 ― Leavetakings
(New­land 1959) One Step Beyond: Ep.2 ― Night of April 14th
(Lester 1976) The Ritz
(Stevens 1959) The Twi­light Zone: Ep.1 ― Where Is Everybody ?
(Cor­man 1963) The Raven
(Par­rish 1959) The Twi­light Zone: Ep.2 ― One for the Angels
(Sands & Smith) Space War­rior 2000
(Tenold 2021) Bran­don’s Cult Movie Review: Space War­rior 2000
(Leaver 1961) The Avengers: Ep.1 ― Hot Snow
(Coyle 2018) Hil­da: Ep.1 ― The Hid­den Peo­ple, Part 1
(Faw­cett 2013) Orphan Black: Ep.1 ― Nat­ur­al Selection
(Carter 2021) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.127 ― The Wolf Hunter of Lit­tle Worthy
(Coyle 2018) Hil­da: Ep.2 ― The Hid­den Peo­ple, Part 2
(O’Hara 1965) The Avengers: Ep.87 ― The Hour That Nev­er Was
(Cline 1940) The Bank Dick
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(Zemeck­is 1988) Who Framed Roger Rabbit
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(Clark 1974) Black Christmas
(Trelfer 2021) Dark Cor­ners Review: Black Christ­mas [1974 version]
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(Sta­bile 2015) Send Mon­ey: The Chuck Holmes Story
(Marks 1963) Per­ry Mason: Ep.170 ― The Case of the Libelous Locket
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(Jones & McCary 2021) Sat­ur­day Morn­ing All Star Hits!: Ep.1 ― Tape 1: School
(Jones & McCary 2021) Sat­ur­day Morn­ing All Star Hits!: Ep.2 ― Tape 2: Lost
(Jones & McCary 2021) Sat­ur­day Morn­ing All Star Hits!: Ep.3 ― Tape 3: Zoo
(Hawes 2008) Mer­lin: Ep.1 ― The Drag­on’s Call

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