(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2008) “The Song of Kebek Batyr [Ер Кебек турлы ән]” 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2022) “Okay” [music video]
(Kramer 1963) It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
(Neill 1944) The Pearl of Death [aka Sher­lock Holmes and the Pearl of Death]
(Ric­ci 1983) Thor the Con­queror [Thor il conquistatore]
(Trelfer 2022) Dark Cor­ners Review: Thor the Conqueror
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Opera 2” [live Hunan — I Am a Singer] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “The Show Must Go On” [live Hunan — I Am a Singer] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen & Zari­na Altun­baye­va 2017) “A Ques­tion of Honour” 
. . . [live Universiade] 
(Werk­er 1939) The Adven­tures of Sher­lock Holmes
(Siod­mak 1930) Peo­ple on Sun­day [Men­schen am Sonntag]
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Autumn Strong [ 秋意浓]” [live Hunan — I Am a Singer] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Ada­gio” [live Hunan — I Am a Singer] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Eter­nal Mem­o­ries [拿不走的记忆]” [live]
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Con­fes­sa & Diva Dance” [live Hunan — I Am a Singer]
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Go Go Pow­er Rangers” [theme song for Pow­er Rangers]
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen & Lau­re Shang 2017) “Trib­ute to Michael Jack­son” [live Hunan — 
. . . I Am a Singer]
(Rawl­ins 1942) Sher­lock Holmes and the Voice of Terror
(Golds­man 2022) Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Ep.1 ― Strange New Worlds
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “My Star [Жұлдызым]” [live at D‑Dynasty, Changsa]
(Crispino 1972) The Dead Are Alive [L’etr­usco uccide ancora]
(Trelfer 2022) Dark Cor­ners Review: The Dead Are Alive
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Salem [Сәлем]” [Bas­tau Con­cert, Astana, Kazakhstan] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “All By Myself” [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Adai & Dai­di­dau” [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “My Swan [Аққуым]” [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “With­out You [Кім екен]” [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “My Star [Жұлдызым]” [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Qaza­qs­tan” [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Day­break” [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Ley­la” [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen 2017) “Sweet Mem­o­ries [Тәтті елес]” [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Dimash Qudaiber­gen & Kristi­na Orbakaite 2017) “Bliz­zard Again [Опять метель]” 
. . . [Bas­tau Concert] 
(Lee 1930) The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu
(Neill 1943) Sher­lock Holmes in Washington
(Smith 1900) The Old Maid­’s Valentine
(Smith 1900) Launch­ing a Strand­ed Schooner from the Docks
(Mile­stone 1941) Know for Sure [Riff­Trax version]
(1902) Arca­di­an Scene
(Cooke 2021) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.129 ― Hap­py Families
(Ful­ci 1983) Conquest
(Tenold 2022) Bran­don’s Cult Movie Review: Conquest
(Porter 1900) Faust and Marguerite
(Porter 1900) The Mys­tic Swing
(1900) An Ani­mat­ed Luncheon
(Porter 1900) An Artist’s Dream
(1910) The Mir­a­cles of Jesus
(1900) Chica­go Fer­ris Wheel
(Cas­tle 1963) The Old Dark House

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