(Lal­la 2022) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.130 ― The Scare­crow Murders
(DaCos­ta 1962) The Music Man
(Ray 1985) Biohazard
(Trelfer 2022) Dark Cor­ners Review: Biohazard
(Pupil­lo 1965) Ter­ror-Crea­tures from the Grave [5 tombe per un medium]
(Trelfer 2022) Dark Cor­ners Review: Ter­ror-Crea­tures from the Grave
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Flight of the Bum­ble­bee” & “Auld Lang Syne” [with Muye Wu & 
. . . Mak­sim Mrvi­ca] [live CCTV]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Jas­mine Flower” [with Wu Tong] [Chi­nese New Year Gala]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Hel­lo” [live at Singer 2018]
(Zha 2018) PhantaC­i­ty: Ep.8 [seg­ment] ― When You Believe
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Ley­la” [live at DQ Lon­don Show]
(Frow 2023) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.131 ― For Death Pre­pare [released in 2022]
(McGoohan 1975) Colum­bo: Ep.34 ― Iden­ti­ty Crisis 
(Siegel 1956) Inva­sion of the Body Snatchers
(Wilkin­son 2023) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.132 ― The Witch­es of Angel’s Rise [rel. in 2022]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “SOS d’un ter­rien en détresse” [live Slav­ic Bazaar, Viteb­sk, Belarus]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Ada­gio” [live at Slav­ic Bazaar, Viteb­sk, Belarus]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “You and Me” [with Wang Li] [live at Mid Autumn Festival]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Sin­ful Pas­sion” [first per­for­mance, live at New Wave Hall, Sochi]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Love of Tired Swans [Любовь уставших лебедей]” [music video]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Scream­ing” [music video]
(Har­ring­ton 1978) Dev­il Dog: The Hound of Hell
(Trelfer 2022) Dark Cor­ners Review: Dev­il Dog, The Hound of Hell
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Bliz­zard Again” [stu­dio record­ing — fan video]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Mean­ing of Eter­ni­ty” [music video]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Nev­er Land” [live CCTV]
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Restart My Love [重启爱情]” [live CCTV]
(Van Dyke 1936) After the Thin Man
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Regret [Өкініш]” [live performance]
(Mar­shall 1940) The Ghost Breakers
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “Wind [Желдірме]” [Kaza­kh music video]
(Mac­don­als 2007) Famous Mon­ster: For­rest J Ackerman
(Trelfer 2022) Dark Cor­ners Review: Famous Mon­ster — For­rest J Ackerman
(Qudaiber­gen 2018) “My Heart Will Go On” [first per­for­mance, live at Hainan
. . . Inter­na­tion­al Film Fes­ti­val, 2018]

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