(Hawks 1938) Bring­ing Up Baby
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “SOS d’un ter­rien en détresse” [live at World’s Best, USA]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “All By Myself” [live at World’s Best, USA]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Ada­gio” [live at World’s Best, USA]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Give Me Your Love” [live in New York]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Made­moi­selle Hyde” [live in New York]
(Sakak­ibara 2022) Gude­ta­ma, An Egg­cel­lent Adven­ture: Ep.3 ― Is That the Best 
. . . This Coun­try Has to Offer?
(Itô 2016) Erased: Ep.1 ― Flash­ing Before My Eyes
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “My Swan [Аққуым]” [Music Video]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “My Star [Жұлдызым]” [live at D‑Dynasty, Moscow] 
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Lay Down” [live at D‑Dynasty, Moscow]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Jamaica [live at D‑Dynasty, Moscow] 
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Made­moi­selle Hyde” [live at New Wave, Sochi]
(Glen­non 1930) Par­adise Island
(Hitch­cock 1954) Dial M for Murder
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Adai [Адай]”
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Know [Знай]” [Live version]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Papa — Mama [Әкешім-анашым]”
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Stand Up” [live Moscow Concert]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Sin­ful Pas­sion” [live Moscow Concert]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Know [Знай]” [music video]
(Blag­den 1985) Tripods: Ep.22 — Bless­ings of the Cognosc
(Blag­den 1985) Tripods: Ep.23 — The Cognosc Departs
(Mossop 2018) Imagination
(Quine 1965) How to Mur­der Your Wife
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Olimpi­co [Ogni Pietra]”
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “The Crown [live at Fash­ion Week, Xi’an]”
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Only You” [Stu­dio Version]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Could­n’t Leave” [Music Video]
(Qudaiber­gen 2019) “Across End­less Dimen­sion” [film trailer] 
(Woods 1970) Equinox
(Kubrick & Spiel­berg 2001) A.I. Arti­fi­cial Intelligence
(del Toro 2022) Guiller­mo del Toro’s Pinocchio
(Rebane 1975) The Giant Spi­der Invasion

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