(Jen­nings 2007) Son of Rambow
(Fleis­ch­er 1952) The Hap­py Time
(Forbes 1966) The Wrong Box
(Mazin 2023) The Last of Us: Ep.1 ― When You’re Lost in the Darkness
(Mata­las 2023) Star Trek: Picard: Ep.29 ― Võx
(Shin 1986) The Trans­form­ers: The Movie
(Mata­las 2023) Star Trek: Picard: Ep.30 ― The Last Generation
(Cur­tiz 1954) The Egyptian
(Smith 2003) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.27 — A Tale of Two Hamlets
(Gaghan 2020) Dolittle

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