First-time listening for August 2023

26598. (Edi­tors) In This Light and On This Evening
26599. (Eivør [Eivør Páls­dót­tir]) Live in Tórshavn
26600. (Roy Clark) Great­est Hits
26601. (Eugène Ysaÿe) Vio­lin Con­cer­to in E Minor
26602. (DeVotch­Ka) A Mad & Faith­ful Telling
26603. (Lenny Breau) Lenny Breau on CBC Radio, 1983
26604. (George Enes­cu) Sym­pho­ny #3 in C, Op.21
26605. (George Enes­cu) Roman­ian Poem for Orches­tra, Op.1
26606. (Ian Tyson) Carnero Vaquero
26607. (Kan­tele Song and Dance Ensem­ble) Best of Kantele

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