First-time listening for DECEMBER 2023

26657. (Heart) The Essen­tial Heart
26658. (Lau­ra Pausi­ni) Best of Lau­ra Pausi­ni: E ritorno da te
26659. (Belin­da Carlisle) Her Great­est Hits
26660. (Bana­nara­ma) The Great­est Hits Collection
26661. (DMX) Year of the Dog … Again
26662. (Gwen Stafani) The Sweet Escape
26663. (Edward Elgar) Sev­en Lieder [s. Pitt, Wilde & Savidge; p. Norris]
26664. (Edward Elgar) A War Song, Op.5
26665. (Edward Elgar) Song: “Is She Not Pass­ing Fair?”
26666. (Edward Elgar) Song: “As I Laye A‑Thynkynge”
26667. (Edward Elgar) Salut d’Amour, Op.12
26668. (Edward Elgar) Song: “The Wind at Dawn”
26669. (Edward Elgar) Song: “After”, Op. 31 #1
26670. (Edward Elgar) Wood­land Inter­lude from the Ora­to­ria Car­ac­ta­cus, Op.35
26671. (Edward Elgar) Song: “Dry Those Fair, Those Crys­tal Eyes”
26672. (Edward Elgar) Song: “The Pipes of Pan”
26673. (Edward Elgar) Sea Pic­tures, Song Cycle for Sopra­no and Piano, Op.37 [see 5549]
26674. (Fer­gie) The Duchess

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