Thursday, June 14, 2012 — Our arrogant, arrogant, ARROGANT Conservative Party

Here in Canada, Con­ser­v­a­tive Prime Min­is­ter Stephen Harper is joy­fully ram­ming through a mas­sive omnibus bill (C-38). The spe­cific con­tent of the bill is not the real issue, it is the arro­gant con­tempt for democ­racy, for Cana­dian tra­di­tions, and the Cana­dian peo­ple, that is inher­ent in such a huge, catch-all omnibus bill. Such things have long been seen in the Amer­i­can sys­tem, but they are for­eign to our par­lia­men­tary tra­di­tions. But Harper’s con­tempt for Canada and Cana­di­ans is already well attested, so it should come as no sur­prise. Harper is by a long shot the most arro­gant per­son to hold high office in Canada in this gen­er­a­tion, and his Con­ser­v­a­tive Party is arro­gance incar­nate. One need only talk to any Con­ser­v­a­tive MP or party func­tionary to quickly glean how far above us lowly serfs these lordlings see them­selves, and the deri­sive con­tempt they hold for us, as they pur­sue their divine ide­o­log­i­cal mis­sion. For Harper’s Con­ser­vatism is an ide­o­log­i­cal zealotry that is closely akin to Com­mu­nism, where moral­ity, free­dom, and human decency are dis­pos­able, trumped by the demands of crack­pot eco­nomic nos­trums and dialec­tic mysticism.

The oppo­si­tion is actu­ally not fight­ing it. It is merely going through rit­ual motions. The stunt of mov­ing for 800 amend­ments can­not accom­plish any­thing, and Harper can eas­ily por­tray it as mere fil­i­bus­ter­ing to a gullible Cana­dian pub­lic. The items in the bill that the oppo­si­tion par­ties have focused on are, pre­dictably, not the ones that mat­ter. I’m most fright­ened by Harper’s desire to build a Communist-style gulag of pris­ons ― and not just because of its poten­tial bonanza of waste and cor­rup­tion ― but the oppo­si­tion has barely raised the issue. The same goes for the ideologically-driven scale-up of the “war” against mar­i­juana smok­ers. Instead, they focus on trivia. The Cana­dian pub­lic is never allowed to grasp the pro­foundly anti-Canadian nature of Harper’s ide­o­log­i­cal drive. He is never called to account for his insuf­fer­able arro­gance. We need some gen­uine, prin­ci­pled oppo­si­tion to this kind of arro­gant despotism.


  1. Sounds like the con­tempt the cur­rent admin­is­tra­tion and many of the intel­li­gen­cia have for the USA and the Con­sti­tu­tion. Many believe we should be just like France. With no per­sonal rights.

    • Unfor­tu­nately, you don’t have a lot of choices on your plate. Frozen into a two-party sys­tem, you must chose between the absolute evil of the Repub­li­cans and the incom­pe­tence and lame­ness of the Democ­rats. Ninety per­cent of America’s prob­lems are caused by the cor­rupt­ing and degrad­ing influ­ence of Con­ser­v­a­tive Ide­ol­ogy. While this ide­ol­ogy has con­sid­er­ably infected the Democ­rats, it is the heart and soul, the entirety of the Repub­li­cans, who are the clear­est enemy of free­dom, and the enemy of every­thing that is admirable in Amer­i­can society.

      In Canada, how­ever, it is the rul­ing Con­ser­v­a­tive Party that con­sti­tutes the clear men­ace. Despite the fact that the oppo­si­tion par­ties are not very inspir­ing, patri­o­tism in Canada con­sists of oppos­ing Stephen Harper.

  2. I sent you a mes­sage about my son work­ing to help folks in Africa. Hope you got it. Hope to see you in the near future.