26963. (Bliss Car­man) Far Hori­zons
26964. (Evan­ge­los Kyr­i­akidis) Some Aspects of the Role of Scribes in Pylian Palace
.… . Admin­is­tra­tion [arti­cle]
26965. (Vong Sot­heara) The Role of Khmer Monks dur­ing 16th-19th Cen­turies [arti­cle]
26966. (Tser­ing Shakya) Mak­ing of the Great Game Play­ers ― Tibetan Stu­dents in Britain
.… . Between 1913 and 1917 [arti­cle]
26967. (Her­bert Jenk­ins) The Gyl­ston Slan­der [story]
26968. (Miroslav Bárta) Pre­his­toric Mind in Con­text: An Essay on Pos­si­ble Roots of Ancient
.… . Egypt­ian Civil­i­sa­tion [arti­cle]
26969. (Adam Gaudry) Review of Metis and Med­i­cine Line by Michel Hogue [review]
26970. (Mil­jana Radi­vo­je­vić) Invent­ing Met­al­lurgy in West­ern Eura­sia: A Look Through the
.… . Micro­scope Lens [arti­cle]
26971. (Maria Mag­dolna Tatár) New Data About the Cult of Čing­gis Qan’s Stan­dard [arti­cle]
26972. (Sheri S. Tep­per) Grass26973. (Poul Holm, et al) Human­i­ties for the Envi­ron­ment ― A Man­i­festo for Research and
.… . Action [arti­cle]
26974. (Gijs Rom­melse) Review of Het oor­logss­chip als varend bedrijf. Schri­jvers,
.… . admin­is­tratie en logistiek aan boord van Ned­er­landse mari­neschepen in de 17 de en
.… . 18de eeuw by Marc van Alphen [review]
26975. (Espen Ekberg) Review of Cre­at­ing Global Oppor­tu­ni­ties ― Maersk Line and
.… . Con­tainer­i­sa­tion 1973–2913 by Chris Jeph­son & Hen­ning Mor­gen and Cul­ture shock
.… . in Maersk Line ― From Entre­pre­neurs and Kings to Mod­ern Effi­ciency by Lars
.… . Jensen [review]
26976. (Har­sham Kumaras­ing­ham) “Guardian of the Con­sti­tu­tion”: The Role and Power of the
.… . New Zealand Governor-General [arti­cle]
26977. (Stephen Lang­don) Sumer­ian Litur­gies and Psalms
(Fritz Leiber) Ships to the Stars:
.… 26978. (Fritz Leiber) Dr. Kometevski’s Day [story]
.… 26979. [3] (Fritz Leiber) The Big Trek [story]
.… 26980. (Fritz Leiber) The Enchanted For­est [story]
.… 26981. (Fritz Leiber) Deadly Moon [story]
.… 26982. (Fritz Leiber) The Snow­bank Orbit [story]
.… 26983. [3] (Fritz Leiber) The Ship Sails at Mid­night [story]
26984. (Anto­nia Thomas) Writ­ten in Stone: Geol­ogy and Graf­fiti in Orkney [arti­cle]
26985. (David Stu­art Davies) The Curse of the Gris­wold Phan­tom [story]
26986. (Amanda Pran­tera) The Side of the Moon
26987. (David Tid­har) The Book­man
Amaz­ing Sto­ries, Vol.1 #5, August, 1926:
.… 26988. (Hugo Gerns­back) “Impos­si­ble” Facts [arti­cle]
.… 26989. (Gar­rett P. Sevice) A Colum­bus of Space, Part 1 [novel]
.… 26990. (H. G. Wells) The Empire of the Ants [story]
.… 26991. (Jacque Mor­gan) The Inter­na­tional Electro-Galvanic Under­tak­ing Corp. [story]
.… 26992. (Jules Verne) Doc­tor Ox’s Exper­i­ment [story]
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.… 26995. (G. McLeod Win­sor) Sta­tion X, Part 2 [story]
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.… . [pref­ace]
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.… . Late Baby­lon­ian [arti­cle]
27000. (R. M. Meluch) Wind Dancers

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