First-time listening for July 2017

28566. (Leoš Janáček) Jen­ufa [Její pas­torkyňa] [com­plete opera: d. Neu­mann; Beňačková,
. . . . . Hesse, Ochman]
28567. (Hozier) Take Me to Church EP
28568. (Lionel Power) Anima mea liquifacta est
28569. (Lionel Power) Glo­ria
28570. (Per­fume Genius) No Shape
28571. (1-O.A.K.) Rid­ing In Cars With Girls
28572. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #49 “Ich geh und suche mit Ver­lan­gen”, bwv.49
28573. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #50 “Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft”, bwv.50 [attr.]
28574. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #51 “Jauchzet Gott in allen Lan­den”, bwv.50
28575. (Rich Homie Quan) Back to Basics
28576. (Paramore) After Laugh­ter
28577. (George Fred­er­ick Hän­del) Bels­haz­zar, Ora­to­rio [d. Pin­nock; Auger, John­son, Bow­man]
28578. (Stor­mzy) Gang Signs & Prayer
28579. (Peter Abelard) Ful­citeme floribus
28580. (Peter Abelard) Mag­num salutis gaudim
28581. (Peter Abelard) Mater sal­va­toris
28582. (Peter Abelard) O quanta qualia
28583. (Joey Badass) All-Amerikkkan Bada$$
28584. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Mein Junges Leben Hat ein End’, v.3, bk.23 for Organ
28585. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Toc­cata in C, v.1, bk.118 for Organ
28586. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Echo Fan­ta­sia in C, v.1, bk.70 for Organ
28587. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Prae­ludium in F, v.1, bk.137 for Organ
28588. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Allein Gott in der Hoeh Sei Her, v.2, bk.1 for Organ
28589. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Echo Fan­ta­sia in A, v.1, bk.76 for Organ
28590. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Hexa­chord Fan­ta­sia, v.1, bk.35 for Organ
28591. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Ballo del Gran­d­uca, v.2, bk.3 for Organ
28592. (Joanna New­som) Divers
28593. (Young Dolph) Bul­let­proof
28594. (Michael Des Bar­res) I’m Only Human
28595. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #52 “Falsche Welt, dir trau ich nicht”, bwv.52
28596. (Feist) Plea­sure
28597. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #55 “Ich armer Men­sch, ich Sün­denknecht”, bwv.55
28598. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #57 “Selig ist der Mann”, bwv.57
28599. (Belle and Sebas­t­ian) The Boy with the Arab Strap
28600. (Song­hoy Blues) Music in Exile
28601. (Noah and the Whale) Peace­ful, the World Lays Me Down
28602. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Non omnis qui dicit mihi, Domine for Cho­rus
28603. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Ecce prandium meum par­avi for Cho­rus
28604. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Ab Oreiente venerunt Magi for Cho­rus
28605. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) In te Domine sper­avi for Cho­rus
28606. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Diligam te Domine, for­ti­tudo mea for Cho­rus
28607. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Beati pau­peres spir­itu for Cho­rus
28608. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Ecce nunc benedicite Dominum for Cho­rus
28609. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Can­tate Domino can­ticum nuvum for Cho­rus
28610. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Ven­ite exul­te­mus Domino for Cho­rus
28611. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) O Domine Jesu Christe, pas­tor bone for Cho­rus
28612. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Lau­date Dominum omnes gentes for Cho­rus
28613. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Lusti autem in per­petuum vivent for Cho­rus
28614. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Hodie Chris­tus natus est for Cho­rus
28615. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) O sacrum con­vivium for Cho­rus
28616. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Petite et accip­i­etis for Cho­rus
28602. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Euge serve bone et fidelis for Cho­rus
28603. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Vide home, quae pro te patior for Cho­rus
28604. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Gaude et laetere, Jerusalem for Cho­rus
28605. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Qui vult venire post me for Cho­rus
28606. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) De pro­fundis cla­mavi ad te Domine for Cho­rus
28607. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) O quam beata lancea for Cho­rus
28608. (Code Orange) For­ever
28609. (Zen Mechan­ics) Zen Mechan­ics Live Set at Boom Fes­ti­val, 2014
28610. (Lorde) Melo­drama
28611. (Mar­il­lion) Sounds That Can’t Be Made
28612. (Christoph Willibald Gluck) Orfeo ed Euridice [com­plete opera; d. von Kara­jan;
. . . . . Simion­ato, Jurinac, Sciutti]
28613. (Lit­tle Steven) Soul­fire
28614. (Giuseppe Sam­mar­tini) Con­certo Grosso in A, Op.2 #1
28615. (Giuseppe Sam­mar­tini) Con­certo Grosso in A Minor, Op.5 #4
28616. (Giuseppe Sam­mar­tini) Oboe Con­certo in C
28617. (Giuseppe Sam­mar­tini) Over­ture in F, Op.10 #7
28618. (Giuseppe Sam­mar­tini) Oboe Con­certo in G Minor, Op.8 #5
28619. (Giuseppe Sam­mar­tini) Over­ture in D, Op.10 #4
28620. (Giuseppe Sam­mar­tini) Con­certo Grosso in E Minor, Op.11 #5
28621. (Giuseppe Sam­mar­tini) Over­ture in G, Op.7 #6
28622. (Mastodon) Emperor of Sand
28623. (Bhaskar Cha­davarkar) The Ele­ments: Fire
28624. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) In illo tem­pore postquam con­sum­mati sunt for Cho­rus
28625. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Par­a­cle­tus autem Spir­i­tus Sanc­tus for Cho­rus
28626. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Videte manus meas et pedes meos for Cho­rus
28627. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Domine Deus meus in te sper­abo for Cho­rus
28628. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Viri Galilei, quid qtatis qus­picientes in coelum for Cho­rus
28629. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Ubi duo vel tres con­gre­gati fuerint for Cho­rus
28630. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Beati omnes qui timent Dominum for Cho­rus
28631. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Timor Domini prin­cip­ium sapi­en­tiae for Cho­rus
28632. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Hodie Beata Virgo Maria puerum Jesum for Cho­rus
28633. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Ecce Virgo con­cip­iet et pariet Fil­ium for Cho­rus
28634. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Gaudete omnes et lae­t­a­mini for Cho­rus
28635. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Regina coeli laetare for Cho­rus
28636. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Mag­ni­fi­cat anima mea Dominum for Cho­rus
28637. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Angelus ad pas­tores ait for Cho­rus
28638. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Tanto tem­pore vobis­cum for Cho­rus
28639. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Te Deum lau­damus for Cho­rus
28640. (Frank Zappa) Cuca­monga Years: The Early Works of Frank Zappa 1962–1964
28641. (Johann Nepo­muk Hum­mel) Trio for Piano, Vio­lin and Cello #1 in B-flat, Op.3a
28642. (Johann Nepo­muk Hum­mel) Piano Sonata #2 in E-flat “Allelu­jah”, Op.13
28643. (Johann Nepo­muk Hum­mel) Con­certo for Vio­lin and Piano in G, Op.17
28644. (Nico­las Val­let) Pre­lude for Lute
28645. (Nico­las Val­let) Passe­meze in B-flat for Lute
28646. (Nico­las Val­let) Bourre d’Avignon for Lute
28647. (Nico­las Val­let) Secre­tum musarum for Lute
28648. (Nico­las Val­let) Gail­larde du comte Essex for Lute
28649. (Nico­las Val­let) Boerin­neken for Lute
28650. (Nico­las Val­let) Les Pan­talons for Lute
28651. (Nico­las Val­let) Prae­ludium I (1620) for Lute
28652. (Nico­las Val­let) Alle­mande for­tune helas pourquoy for Lute
28653. (Nico­las Val­let) La Men­di­ante fan­taysye for Lute
28654. (Nico­las Val­let) Soet Rob­bert for Lute
28655. (Nico­las Val­let) Gail­larde for Lute
28656. (Nico­las Val­let) Fan­tasie for Lute
28657. (Nico­las Val­let) Pavanne en forme de com­plainte for Lute
28658. (Nico­las Val­let) Car­il­lon de vil­lage for Lute
28658. (Nico­las Val­let) Onse Vader in Hemel­ryck for Lute
28659. (Nico­las Val­let) Prae­ludium II (1620) for Lute
28660. (Nico­las Val­let) Courante for Lute
28661. (Nico­las Val­let) La Sara­bande espag­nolle for Lute
28662. (Nico­las Val­let) Guillemette for Lute
28663. (Nico­las Val­let) Courante La Val­lette for Lute
28664. (Nico­las Val­let) Courante de Mars for Lute
28665. (Nico­las Val­let) La Cha­cona for Lute
28666. (Nico­las Val­let) Une Jeune Fil­lette for Lute
28667. (Nico­las Val­let) Under the Lin­den for Lute
28668. (Nico­las Val­let) La Princesse for Lute
28669. (Nico­las Val­let) L’ avi­gnonne for Lute
28670. (Nico­las Val­let) Slaep soete slaep for Lute
28671. (Big Sean) I Decided
28672. (Play­boi Carti) Play­boi Carti
28673. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Sym­phony in A, JC63
28674. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Sym­phony in D, JC22
28675. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Quin­tet #5 for 3 Vio­lins, Viola & Bass in E
28676. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Sym­phony in E, JC31
28677. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Sym­phony in A, JC60
28678. (John Lennon & Yoko Ono) Unfin­ished Music No.1: Two Vir­gins
28679. (Jonas Broth­ers) It’s About Time
28680. (George Shear­ing Quin­tet) Latin Escapade
28681. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Sym­phony in D, JC11
28682. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Sym­phony in E-flat, JC28
28683. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Sym­phony in D, JC17
28684. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Sym­phony in G, JC40
28685. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Sam­mar­tini) Sym­phony in E-flat, JC26
28686. (Colter Wall) Imag­i­nary Appalachia
28687. (Blanck Mass) Blanck Mass
28688. (Pietro Mascagni) Can­zone amorosa for Flute, Vio­lin, Piano & Cello
28689. (Bryson Tiller) True to Self
28690. (Laugh­ing Bud­dha) Sacred Technology

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