27282. (Pet­ros C. Benias, et al) Struc­ture and Dis­tri­b­u­tion of an Unrec­og­nized Inter­sti­tium in
.… . Human Tis­sues [arti­cle]
27283. (Mark Bourie) Flim Flam ― Canada’s Great­est Frauds, Scams, and Con Artists
27284. (Maciej T. Kra­j­carz, Mag­dalena Kra­j­carz & Hervé Bocherens) Collagen-to-collagen
.… . Prey-predator Iso­topic Enrich­ment {Δ 13 C, Δ 15 N} in Ter­res­trial Mam­mals ― A
.… . Case Study of a Sub­fos­sil Red Fox Den [arti­cle]
27285. (Kon­stan­tionos Kopa­nias) Mer­ce­nar­ies or Refugees? The Evi­dence from the Inscrip­tions
.… . of Merenptah on the “Sea Peo­ples” [arti­cle]
27286. (Robert M. Sapol­sky) Behave ― The Biol­ogy of Humans at Our Best and Worst
(Helen Mit­sios –ed.) Out of the Blue ― New Short Fic­tion from Ice­land:
.… 27287. (Sjón) Four Frag­ments from Reflec­tions on Ice­landic Nar­ra­tive Arts [pref­ace]
.… 27288. (Helen Mit­sios) Intro­duc­tion [pref­ace]
.… 27389. (Auður Jóns­dót­tir) Self-Portrait [story]
.… 27390. (Kristín Ómars­dót­tir) After­noon by the Pacific Ocean [story]
.… 27391. (Gerður Kristný) Escape for Men [story]
.… 27392. (Einar Örn Gun­nars­son) The Most Pre­cious Secret [story]
.… 27393. (Óla­fur Gun­nars­son) Killer Whale [story]
.… 27394. (Þórunn Erlu-Valdimarsdóttir) The Secret Raven Ser­vice and Three Hens [story]
.… 27395. (Kristín Eiríks­dót­tir) One Hun­dred Fifty Square Meters [story]
.… 27396. (Andri Snær Mag­na­son) Grass [story]
.… 27397. (Gyrðir Elías­son) The Black Dog [story]
.… 27398. (Bragi Ólaf­s­son) Late After­noon in Four Parts [story]
.… 27399. (Auður Ava Ólafs­dót­tir) SMS from Cat­alo­nia [story]
.… 27400. (Óskar Árni Óskars­son) A Pen Changes Hands [story]
.… 27401. (Óskar Mag­nús­son) The Cook [story]
.… 27402. (Rúnar Vig­nis­son) Travel Com­pan­ion [story]
.… 27403. (Mag­nús Sig­urðs­son) Three Para­bles [story]
.… 27404. (Einar Már Guð­munds­son) The Horse in Green­land [story]
.… 27405. (Ágúst Borgþór Sver­ris­son) Laun­dry Day [story]
.… 27406. (Þórarinn Eld­járn) Scorn Pole [story]
.… 27407. (Guð­mundur Andri Thors­son) Har­mon­ica Sonata in C Major [story]
.… 27408. (Jón Kalman Ste­fáns­son) The Uni­verse and the Deep Vel­vet Dress [story]
27409. (Oula Seit­so­nen) Lappeen­ranta Huh­tiniemi and pho­togram­met­ric doc­u­men­ta­tion: Ten
.… . Years After [GT of Lappeen­ran­nan Huh­tiniemi ja fotogram­metri­nen doku­men­tointi]
.… . [arti­cle]
27410. (Holly Robert­son) The World’s Emp­ti­est Air­port Is a Red Flag [arti­cle]
27411. (Steve Muhlberger) [in blog Muhlberger’s World His­tory] El Min­is­te­rio del Tiempo and
.… . Franken­stein Chron­i­cles ― Treats for His­tory Fans [review]
27412. (Steve Muhlberger) [in blog Muhlberger’s World His­tory] Boy­dell and Brewer’s
.… . Medieval Her­ald [arti­cle]
27413. (Richard Utz) Review of Medieval­ism, Pol­i­tics and Mass Media: Appro­pri­at­ing the
.… . Mid­dle Ages in the Twenty-First Cen­tury by Andrew B. R. Elliott [review]
27414. (Matt Edge­worth) Rivers As Mate­r­ial Infra­struc­ture: A Legacy from the Past to the
.… . Future [arti­cle]
(S. E. Hin­ton) Some of Tim’s Sto­ries:
.… 27415. (S. E. Hin­ton) The Missed Trip [story]
.… 27416. (S. E. Hin­ton) Full Moon Birth­day [story]
.… 27417. (S. E. Hin­ton) Dif­fer­ent Shore­lines [story]
.… 27418. (S. E. Hin­ton) The Will [story]
.… 27419. (S. E. Hin­ton) What’s Your Poi­son [story]
.… 27420. (S. E. Hin­ton) The Girl Who Loved Movies [story]
.… 27421. (S. E. Hin­ton) Sen­tenced [story]
.… 27422. (S. E. Hin­ton) After the Party [story]
.… 27423. (S. E. Hin­ton) Jailed [story]
.… 27424. (S. E. Hin­ton) Class Time [story]
.… 27425. (S. E. Hin­ton) Visit [story]
.… 27426. (S. E. Hin­ton) The Sweet­est Sound [story]
.… 27427. (S. E. Hin­ton) Home­com­ing [story]
.… 27428. (S. E. Hin­ton) No White Light No Tun­nel [story]
.… 27429. (Teresa Miller) Inter­view with S. E. Hin­ton: The Out­siders [inter­view]
.… 27430. (Teresa Miller) Inter­view with S. E. Hin­ton: Sequels [inter­view]
.… 27431. (Teresa Miller) Inter­view with S. E. Hin­ton: Movies [inter­view]
.… 27432. (Teresa Miller) Inter­view with S. E. Hin­ton: Lit­tle Kids and Vam­pires
.… .… [inter­view]
.… 27433. (Teresa Miller) Inter­view with S. E. Hin­ton: Tim [inter­view]
27434. (Depart­ment of Finance Canada) Fis­cal Monitor/ La revue finan­cière, Feb­ru­ary 2018
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27437. (Sofya Sha­hab & Ben­jamin Isakhan) The Rit­u­al­iza­tion of Her­itage Destruc­tion under the
.… . Islamic State [arti­cle]
27438. (Steven Lev­it­skyy & Daniel Ziblatt) How Democ­ra­cies Die
27439. (Ren­nan Barkana) Cos­mic Dawn as a Dark Mat­ter Detec­tor [article]

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