First-time listening for August 2018

29262. (Gio­van­ni Bononci­ni) Astar­to [com­plete opera; d. Bion­di; Valen­ti­ni, dalle Molle,
. . . . . Müller-Moli­nari]
29263. (Wale [Olubowale Vic­tor Akin­time­hin]) Ambi­tion
29264. (Bri­an Fer­ry) These Fool­ish Things
29265. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #80a “Alles, was von Gott geboren” [vari­ant of #80]
29266. (High­er Intel­li­gence Agency) Colour­form
29267. (Pro­col Harum) Shine On Bright­ly
29268. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #81 “Jesus schläft, was soll ich hof­fen?”, bwv.81
29269. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #82 “Ich habe genug”, bwv.82
29670. (Charley Pride) The Pride of Coun­try Music
29771. (Ahmed Adnan Say­gun) Ten Etudes on Aksak Rythms for Piano
29772. Music of the Ainu Native Peo­ple of North Japan
29773. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Camanche Rev­el for Piano
29774. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) The Voice of Faith­ful Love for Sopra­no, Flute & Piano [s. Ko]
29775. (Umeko Ando) Ihun­ke
29776. (Hal­lu­cino­gen) Space Pussy EP
29777. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) The Ornitho­log­i­cal Com­bat of Kings, a Grand Sym­pho­ny in D
29778. (5 Sec­onds of Sum­mer) 5 Sec­onds of Sum­mer EP
29779. (Doo­bie Broth­ers) The Cap­tain and Me
29780. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Man­i­tou Mys­ter­ies
29781. (Infect­ed Mush­room) Mer­lin
29782. (Dinah Wash­ing­ton) Best of Dinah Wash­ing­ton [Jazz and Blues Expe­ri­ence]
29783. (Arthur Sul­li­van) Suite from the Inci­den­tal Music to Hen­ry VIII
29784. (Andie Oppen­heimer) New Mex­i­co
29785. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Three Songs from The Dawn­ing of Music in Ken­tucky: Or,
. . . . . The Plea­sures of Har­mo­ny in the Soli­tudes of Nature, for Voic­es, Flute & Piano
. . . . . [s. Ko & Sul­li­van]
29786. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Irra­di­ate Cause! for Tenor, Bari­tone & Piano [s. Brooks & Stone]
29787. (Bhaskar Chan­davarkar) Sea­sons, vol.1
29788. (Takashi Yoshi­mat­su) Fuzzy Bird Sonata for Sax­o­phone and Piano, Op.44
29789. (Fleet Fox­es) The Fleet Fox­es EP
29790. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) The Columbi­ad, or Migra­tion of Amer­i­can Wild Pas­sen­ger Pigeons,
. . . . . a Sym­pho­ny
29791. (Gia­co­mo Meyer­beer) Il Cro­ci­a­to in Egit­to [com­plete opera; d. Par­ry; Platt, Ken­ny]
29792. (Future Sound of Lon­don) BBC Essen­tial Mix, May 14, 1994
29793. (Vanil­la Fudge) Box of Fudge CD1
29794. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #83 “Erfreute Zeit im neuen Bunde”, bwv.83
29795. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #84 “Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke”, bwv.84
29796. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #85 “Ich bin ein guter Hirt”, bwv.85
29797. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #86 “Wahrlich, wahrlich, ich sage euch”, bwv.86
29798. (Stephen Malk­mus & The Jicks) Pig Lib
29799. (Orig­i­nal Dix­ieland Jazz Band) “Liv­ery Sta­ble Blues” [1917 record­ing]
29800. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) The War of the Ele­ments and the Thun­der­ing of Nia­gara,
. . . . . Capric­co Grande
29801. (Takashi Yoshi­mat­su) White Land­scapes for Flute, Harp, Cel­lo & String Orches­tra
29802. (Kids in the Kitchen) Shine
29803. (Ozric Ten­ta­cles) Erp­songs
29804. (Bom­bay Bicy­cle Club) The Boy I Used To Be EP
29805. (Bom­bay Bicy­cle Club) Lights Out, Words Gone EP
29806. (Bhaskar Chan­davarkar) Sea­sons, vol.2
29807. (Robert Charlevoix) Le Le Meilleur du Pire de Charlebois, vol.1
29808. (Anto­nio Maria Bononci­ni) Sta­bat Mater
29809. (Bol­lock Broth­ers) The Last Sup­per
29810. (Pietro Mascagni) Nerone [com­plete opera; d. Bakels; Tcholakov, Pic­co­lo, Didonè]
29811. (Bom­bay Bicy­cle Club) Leave It EP
29812. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Wild­wood Spir­its Chant, or, Scin­til­la­tions of Yan­kee­doo­dle
29813. (Black Lodge Singers) Weasel Tails Dream
29814. (5 Sec­onds of Sum­mer) Don’t Stop EP
29815. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Moan of the For­est, or The Chero­kees’ Lament for Piano and
. . . . . Nar­ra­tor [s. Wode­house, Spitzer]
29816. (Young Dolph) South Mem­phis King­pin [mix­tape]
29817. (Jean Robert Plan­quette) Les cloches de Corneville [com­plete operetta; d. Der­vaux;
. . . . . Blanc, Boulan­geot, Giraudeau]
29818. (3 Inch­es of Blood) Long Live Heavy Met­al
29819. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Song With­out Words (to Jen­ny Lind) for Piano [s. Wode­house]
29820. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Stu­dents March for Piano
29821. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Prague Waltz for Piano
29822. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Three Pieces from The Dawn­ing of Music in Ken­tucky for Piano
29823. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Toc­cati­na capriosa for piano
29824. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Sioux Gal­liarde for Piano
29825. (You Me At Six) Cav­a­lier Youth
29826. (Alfred Cel­li­er) Dorothy [com­plete operetta; d. Bonyn­ge; Cul­lagh, Val­lis, Mears]
29827. (Car­la Mor­ri­son) Amor Supre­mo
29828. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Fair Sylph Amer­i­ca
29829. (Atom­ic Roost­er) Devil’s Answer [vinyl sin­gle]
29830. (South­ern Cree) Thun­der and Light­ning: Cree Pow-Wow Songs
29831. (XX) Fact Mix 70 [mix­tape]
29832. (Antho­ny Hein­rich) Hail Beau­teous Spring for Cho­rus
29833. (Bey­on­cé) I Am… Sasha Fierce
29834. (Alfred Cel­li­er) The Moun­te­banks [com­plete operetta; d. Andrews; Mafi, Elwin,
. . . . . Clev­er­ton]
29835. (U.S. Girls) In a Poem Unlim­it­ed
29836. (Cros­by, Stills, Nash & Young) Live at Mason­ic Tem­ple, Detroit, 12–14-69
29837. (Dji­van Gas­paryan) End­less Vision: Per­sian and Armen­ian Songs
29838. (Fred­er­ick Delius) La Calin­da
29839. (Fred­er­ick Delius) Suite for Vio­lin and Orches­tra
29840. (Fred­er­ick Delius) Légende for Vio­lin and Orches­tra
29841. (Won­der Years) Sis­ter Cities
29842. (Oneo­htrix Point Nev­er) Age Of
29843. (Takashi Yoshi­mat­su) Ori­on Machine for Trom­bone and Orches­tra, Op.55

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