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Image of the month

The Uni­corn Strikes Back (2006) by the pro­lif­ic Amer­i­can artist Red Grooms. Grooms is best known for his com­ic por­traits of life in New York City, but here he cre­ates a bril­liant spoof of medieval French man­u­script illu­mi­na­tion.


(Blair 1961) The Adven­tures of Super­boy [unsold TV series pilot]
(Tut­tle 1929) The Stu­dio Mur­der Mys­tery
(Lang­dale 1995) Earth­worm Jim: Ep.1 ― Side­kicked
(Rob­bins 1978) Corvette Sum­mer
(Kin­caid 1986) Robot Holo­caust
(Trelfer 2019) Dark Cor­ners Review: (365) Robot Holo­caust
(Kin­caid 1986) Robot Holo­caust [Mys­tery Sci­ence The­atre ver­sion]
(Rear­don 1994) The Simp­sons: Ep.109 ― Tree­house of Hor­ror V
(Price 1974) The Tomor­row Peo­ple: Ep.23 ― The Dooms­day Men, Part 1: Dressed to Kill
(Price 1974) The Tomor­row Peo­ple: Ep.24 ― The Dooms­day Men, Part 2: The Burn­ing Sword
(Price 1974) The Tomor­row Peo­ple: Ep.25 ― The Dooms­day Men, Part 3: Run Rab­bit Run
(Price 1974) The Tomor­row Peo­ple: Ep.26 ― The Dooms­day Men, Part 4: The Shut­tle­cock
(Pil­lai 2016) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.105 ― Habeas Cor­pus
(Vasquez 2001) Invad­er Zim: Ep.1 ― The Night­mare Begins
(Rose 2012) Max von Sydow on Ing­mar Bergman
(Schus­ter 1952) Kid Monk Baroni
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First-time listening for August 2019

30294. (John Coltrane) Giant Steps
30295. (Trad.Attack!) Live at Trans Musi­cales, Rennes, France. Record­ed Decem­ber 1, 2016
30296. (After­noons In Stereo) The City Is Sleep­ing
Chill­hop Essen­tials — Spring 2018:
. . . . 30297. (Cap Kendricks) “The One”
. . . . 30298. (J’san) “Good Morn­ing Sun­shine”
. . . . 30299. (Juan Rios) “Aza­har”
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27742. (Arthur Machen) The Angels of Mons: The Bow­men and Oth­er Leg­ends of the War [arti­cle]
27743. (Athur Machen) The Bow­men [sto­ry]
27744. (V. Watrous, et al) Econ­o­my and Soci­ety in the Gour­nia Region of Crete [arti­cle]
27745. (Amy Reed) The Boy and Girl who Broke the World
27746. (Ármann Jakob­s­son) Felce, William Mor­ris and the Ice­landic Sagas [review of William
. . . . . Mor­ris and the Ice­landic Sagas by Ian Felce] [review]
27747. (Tom Mason, et al) Spi­ders of Toron­to
27748. (Iurii Mosenkis) Sub­strates in Ger­man­ic [arti­cle]
27749. (Anto­nio Dama­sio) Descartes’ Error ― Emo­tion, Rea­son, and the Human Brain
27750. (Andrew Robin­son) Arthur C. Clarke [arti­cle]
27751. (Arthur C. Clarke) 2099 ― The Begin­ning of His­to­ry [arti­cle]
27752. (Michael Tur­back) Hot Choco­late
27753. (CIRC) Éclair­er l’avenir: Bul­letin de ren­de­ment des infra­struc­tures cana­di­ennes [report]
27754. (Kate Fazz­i­ni) King­dom of Lies
27755. (Anto­nio Dama­sio) Self Comes to Mind
27756. (Mark Sum­n­er) A Finan­cial His­to­ry of Don­ald Trump: From Daddy’s Lit­tle Boy, to
. . . . . Putin’s Best Part­ner [arti­cle]
27757. (John C. Wathey) The Illu­sion of God’s Pres­ence

Image of the Month


(Hawks 1955) Land of the Pharaohs
(Irv­ing 1968) Colum­bo: Ep.1 ― Pre­scrip­tion: Mur­der
(Zuck­er 1991) The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear
(Mahon 1965) The Beast That Killed Women
(Trelfer 2019) Dark Cor­ners Review: (360) The Beast That Killed Women
(Palmer 2015) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.102 ― Mur­der by Mag­ic
(King 1930) Shad­ow Ranch
(Smith 2001) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.16 — The Elec­tric Vendet­ta
(Guð­munds­son 1981) Out­law: The Saga of Gis­li [Útlaginn]
(Milosavel­je­vich 2018) How Long Have Peo­ple Lived In Amer­i­ca?
(2016) The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adven­ture [Irv­ing Finkel lec­ture]
(Griss­mer 1987) Blood Rage
(Trelfer 2019) Dark Cor­ners Review: (361) Blood Rage
(Gowarik­er 2016) Mohen­jo Daro
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First-time listening for July 2019

30266. (Sax­o­phones) Songs of the Sax­o­phones
30267. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Toc­ca­ta G1/a (23a) for Organ
30268. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) O God die onse Vad­er bist (61) for Organ
30269. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Fan­ta­sia a2 (57) for Organ
30270. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Erbarm dich Mein, O Herre Gott (36) for Organ
30271. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Fan­ta­sia d1/a (3a) for Organ
30272. (Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck) Wij geloven in eenen God alleen (43) for Organ
30273. (Beths) Future Me Hates Me
30274. (Bee Gees) 1st
30275. (Natal­ie Prass) The Future and the Past
30276. (George Shear­ing) George Shear­ing [Verve Jazz Mas­ters #57]
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27729. (Fred C. Woud­huizen) Ori­gin of the Luwian Hiero­glyph­ic Script [arti­cle]
27730. (John Hen­ry Cut­ler) Tom Stet­son On the Trail of the Lost Tribe
27731. (Serge Cassen, et al) La détec­tion des gravures sur deux mono­lithes du haut-cours du
. . . . . Rhône : Le Chemin des Collines à Sion et Le Genevray à Thonon-les-Bains [arti­cle]
27732. (Stephen Greenspan) Annals of Gulli­bil­i­ty
27733. (Arup Majumder) Effect of Land Acqui­si­tion on Social Struc­ture: An Ethno­graph­ic
. . . . . Study of a Vil­lage in Paschim Medinipur Dis­trict, West Ben­gal [arti­cle]
27734. (Anto­nio Dama­sio) The Strange Order of Things ― Life, Feel­ing, and the Mak­ing of
. . . . . Cul­tures
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Image of the Month

Thomp­son (left) & Macken­zie (right)


(Lantz 1930) Spooks [Oswald the Lucky Rab­bit car­toon]
(Lantz 1930) Snap­py Sales­man [Oswald the Lucky Rab­bit car­toon]
(Lantz 1928) Ozzie of the Mount­ed [Oswald the Lucky Rab­bit car­toon]
(Cooke 2018) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.121 ― Till Death Do Us Part
(Arm­strong 2000) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.13 — Beyond the Grave
(Yapp 2007) The Secret Life of Bri­an
(Jex 2008) Black­ad­der Exclu­sive: The Whole Rot­ten Saga
(Jex 2009) Fawl­ty Tow­ers: Re-Opened
(Pil­lai 2014) Mid­Somer Mur­ders: Ep.97 ― Let Us Prey
(del Toro 2017) The Shape of Water
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