First-time listening for June 2019

25652. (Takashi Yoshi­mat­su) While an Angel Falls into a Doze… for Piano and String Orches­tra
25653. (Blood Red Shoes) Get Trag­ic
25654. (Vladislav Delay) Entain
25655. (Luo­mo) Plus
25656. (808 State) Out­post Trans­mis­sion
25657. (Con­vic­tions) Hope for the Bro­ken
25658. (Toshio Hosokawa) New Seeds of Con­tem­pla­tion, Man­dala for Shomyo and Gagaku
25659. (Guille­mots) Through the Win­dow­pane
25660. (Kris Dane) U.N.S.U.I.
25661. (Samuel Schei­dt) Can­zon Cor­net­to for Four Trum­pets
25662. (Ladytron) Ladytron
25663. (Yak) Pur­suit of Momen­tary Hap­pi­ness
25664. (Mazzy Star) Still EP
25665. (Atom­ic Roost­er) BBC Radio 1 Live in Con­cert
25666. (Gre­go­rio Alle­gri) Assump­ta est Maria for 2 Voic­es & Con­tin­uo

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