First-time listening for March 2021

26105. (Plat­ters) Four Plat­ters and One Love­ly, Vol.9
26106. (Johann Nepo­muk Hum­mel) Grand Con­cer­to for Bas­soon and Orches­tra in F, 
. . . . . woO23/S.63
26107. (Suf­jan Stevens) A Sun Came!
26108. (Wax­a­hatch­ee) Ivy Tripp
26109. (Miles Davis) Four
26110. (Arthur Sul­li­van & W. S. Gilbert) Princess Ida [com­plete opera; D’Oy­ly Carte]
26111. (Fleet Fox­es) Sun Giant EP
26112. (Franz Fer­di­nand) Darts of Plea­sure EP
26113. (Leoš Janáček) Káťa Kabanová [com­plete opera: d. Cam­brel­ing; Denoke, Kuebler]

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