First-time listening for May, 2021

26135. (Mekong Pirates) Roulette
26136. (Mastodon) Remission
26137. (Willis “Gator” Jack­son) The Good Life
26138. (Takashi Yoshi­mat­su) Cel­lo Con­cer­to Cen­tau­rus Unit for Cel­lo and Orchestra
26139. (Adobo Con­spir­a­cy) Live at Equinox, Sept.12, 2014 
26140. (30 Sec­onds to Mars) Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams
26141. (Vítězsla­va Kaprálová) Mil­i­tary Sinfonietta
26142. (Bacano) Live at Equinox, March 27, 2015
26143. (Atom­ic Roost­er) Mas­ters From the Vault
26144. (Johann Nepo­muk Hum­mel) Piano Sonata #5 in F‑sharp Minor

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