Image of the Month

Cor­nelius Krieghoff (1815–1872) paint­ed numer­ous scenes of coun­try life in 19th cen­tu­ry Cana­da, most­ly around Mon­tre­al and Que­bec City. Note the two sleighs, which were com­mon modes of trav­el in the win­ter. The one on the right looks like a “Port­land Cut­ter” a wide­ly used sleigh in Cana­da and the north­ern U.S. It orig­i­nat­ed in Maine. The low-slung “car­riole” on the left was a more tra­di­tion­al local design. Many were built by Léon D’Amours of Trois-Pis­toles, Que­bec. The man con­fronting the dog has a bot­tle in one hand an a fid­dle in the oth­er, both essen­tial for a house party.

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