26932. (Bene­dict de Spin­oza) A Theologico-Political Trea­tise [tr. R. H. M. Elwes]
26933. (Bene­dict de Spin­oza) A Polit­i­cal Trea­tise [tr. R. H. M. Elwes]
26934. (Mehmet Özdoğan) In Quest of a Miss­ing Era in East­ern Thrace ― Dilemma of the
.… . 4th Mil­le­nium [arti­cle]
26935. (Erd­mute Alber & Heike Drot­bohm) Intro­duc­tion to Anthro­po­log­i­cal Per­spec­tives on
.… . Care [arti­cle]
26936. (André Nor­ton) The Time Traders
26937. (Cur­tis Run­nels & Mehmet Özdoğan) The Palae­olithic of the Bospho­rus Region, NW
.… . Turkey [arti­cle]
26938. (Sarah Cabalion) Buveurs de lait et ama­teurs de viande ― aperçu des pra­tiques
.… . ali­men­taires actuelles des Touaregs de la Tagaray­garayt, Aza­wagh, Niger [arti­cle]
26939. (Tim Win­ton) Dirt Music
26940. (Gary M. Fein­man & Linda M. Nicholas) The Late Pre­his­panic Econ­omy of the Val­ley
.… . of Oax­aca, Mex­ico: Weav­ing Threads from Data, The­ory, and Sub­se­quent His­tory
.… . [arti­cle]
26941. (Remke Kruk) Harry Pot­ter in the Gulf: Con­tem­po­rary Islam and the Occult [article]

26942. (Brad Tolin­ski & Alan Di Perna) Play It Loud – An Epic His­tory of the Style, Sound,
.… . and Rev­o­lu­tion of the Elec­tric Gui­tar
26943. (Harry Blyth) The Accus­ing Shadow [story]
26944. (Thomas Frank) Don­ald Trump Is Mov­ing to the White House, and Lib­er­als Put Him
.… . There [arti­cle]
26945. (Rick Perl­ston) Time Ban­dits ― Why Our Polit­i­cal Past Is Rarely Pro­logue [arti­cle]
26946. (John Lyming­ton) The Sleep Eaters
26947. (David Smith, et al) Assess­ing the Later Pre­his­toric Envi­ron­men­tal Archae­ol­ogy and
.… . Land­scape Devel­op­ment of Cetina Val­ley, Croa­tia [arti­cle]
26948. (Ann Gib­bons) Meet the Frail, Small-brained Peo­ple who First Trekked out of Africa
.… . [arti­cle]
(Shirley Jack­son) The Magic of Shirley Jack­son [ed. Stan­ley Edgar Hyman]:
.… 26949. (Stan­ley Edgar Hyman) Pref­ace
.… 26950. (Shirley Jack­son) The Dae­mon Lover [story]
.… 26951. (Shirley Jack­son) My Live with R. H. Macy [story]
.… 26952. (Shirley Jack­son) Col­lo­quy [story]
.… 26953. (Shirley Jack­son) Pil­lar of Salt [story]
.… 26954. (Shirley Jack­son) The Rene­gade [story]
.… 26955. (Shirley Jack­son) Flower Gar­den [story]
.… 26956. (Shirley Jack­son) Eliz­a­beth [story]
.… 26957. (Shirley Jack­son) Come Dance with Me in Ire­land [story]
.… 26958. (Shirley Jack­son) Of Course [story]
.… 26959. (Shirley Jack­son) The Tooth [story]
.… 26960. (Shirley Jack­son) The Lot­tery [story]
26961. (John T. Koch) Gallo-Brittonic Tasc(i)ouarws “Badger-slayer” and the Reflex of
.… . Indo-European gWh [arti­cle]
26962. (Julian Thomas) Phe­nom­e­nol­ogy and Mate­r­ial Cul­ture [article]

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