27151. (Fred Kaplan) John Quincey Adams, Amer­i­can Vision­ary
27152. (Edward Kaplan) Japan’s Delayed Tran­si­tion into Early Civ­i­liza­tion [arti­cle]
27153. (John Bick­ham & George Bick­ham, Jr.) Fables and Other Short Poems Col­lected from
. . . . the Most Cel­e­brated Eng­lish Authors [1731 — fac­sim­ile]
27154. (Greg Hilde­brandt) Peter Pan [art­book, with brief sum­mary of Barrie’s novel]
27155. (Greg Hilde­brandt) Pinoc­chio [art­book; with brief sum­mary of Collodi’s novel]
27156. (Brid­get Bren­nan) NSW Intro­duces Nation’s First Laws to Rec­og­nize and Revive
. . . . Indige­nous Lan­guages [arti­cle]
27157. (Reid Stan­dish) Russia’s Neigh­bors Respond to Putin’s “Hybrid War” [arti­cle]
27158. (Vera South­gate) The Elves and the Shoe­maker [ill. Robert Lum­ley]
27159. (Vera South­gate) The Lit­tle Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat [ill. Robert Lum­ley]
27160. (Vera South­gate) The Old Woman and Her Pig [ill. Robert Lum­ley]
27161. (L. Du Garde Peach) The Story of Nel­son
27162. (James H. Bar­rett, Ali­son M. Locker & Cal­lum M. Roberts) The Ori­gins of Inten­sive
. . . . Marine Fish­ing in Medieval Europe: The Eng­lish Evi­dence [arti­cle]
27163. (Andrej Babiš) Czech Far Right Scores Big in Elec­tions, but Strug­gles to Form a
. . . . Gov­ern­ment [arti­cle]
27164. (Sylvia Creche) Two Tales of Mervyn Mouse [ill. Roger Twinn]
27165. (W. Mur­ray) Where We go
27166. (Tame Ramya) Depar­ture from the Tra­di­tional Liveli­hood: A Study on Puroiks of Kurung
. . . . Kumey Dis­trict, Arunachal Pradesh [article]

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