First-time listening for October 2017

28927. (Wil­helm Friede­mann Bach) Sym­phony in F “Dis­so­nance Sym­phony”, F.67/BR.C2
28928. (Wil­helm Friede­mann Bach) Sym­phony in F after the Sacred Can­tata “Ertönt, ihr
.… . seli­gen Völker”, F88/BR.F15
28929. (Wil­helm Friede­mann Bach) Sym­phony in D, F.64/BR.C8
28930. (Wil­helm Friede­mann Bach) Sym­phony in D after the Sacred Can­tata “Wo geht die
.… . Leben­sreise hin”, F.91/BR.F12
28931. (Wil­helm Friede­mann Bach) Sym­phony in D after the Sacred Can­tata “O Wun­der ! wer
.… . kann dieses fassen?”, F.92/BR.F2
28932. (Wil­helm Friede­mann Bach) Orches­tral Suite in G Minor [wrongly attrib­uted to J. S.
.… . Bach as Bwv.1070]
28933. (New Pornog­ra­phers) White­out Con­di­tions
28934. (Mag­netic Fields) The Way­ward Bus
28935. (Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes)
28936. (Pietro Mascagni) Cav­al­le­ria Rus­ti­cana [com­plete opera; d. Ser­afin; Del Monaco,
.… . Simion­ato, Mac­Neil]
28937. (Shamir) Ratchet
28938. (Arthur Sul­li­van) The Con­tra­ban­dista [opera selec­tions; d. Moss; Fearn­ley]
28939. (Jamie XX) Boiler Room Reyk­javík DJ Set
28940. (Hum­ble Pie) As Safe As Yes­ter­day Is
28941. (Harry Mac­do­nough) “Hiawatha” [1903]
28942. (Harry Mac­do­nough & Haydn Bar­ber­shop Q) “In the Good Old Sum­mer Time” [1903]
28943. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #68 “Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt”, Bwv.68
28944. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #69 “Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele”, Bwv.69
28945. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­tata #70 “Wachet! betet! betet! wachet!”. Bwv.70
28946. (4 Skins) A Fist­ful of 4 Skins
28947. (Georges Delerue) Promise at Dawn [film sound­track]
28948. (Mered­ith Wil­son) The Music Man [film sound­track]
28949. (Anto­nio Vivaldi) Sonata in G Minor, Op.13 #6 from Il Pas­tor Fido, arr. for Recorder
28950. (Benedetto Mar­cello) Sonata in D Minor for Recorder
28951. (Gio­vanni Bat­tista Bononcini) Diver­ti­mento da Cam­era in F for Recorder, Cello &
.… . Harp­si­chord
28952. (Francesco Barsanti) Sonata in G for Recorder, Cello & Harp­si­chord
28953. (Nicola Mat­teis) Ayre with Divi­sions for Recorder
28954. (Arcan­gelo Corelli) Sonata for Recorder and Con­tinuo in F, Op.5 #4 [vari­ant at 19920]
28955. (Mitch Leigh) Man of La Man­cha [Broad­way sound­track]
28956. (Glenn Miller) The Best of Glenn Miller

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