First-time listening for September 2018

25254. (Dan­ger [Franck Rivoire] ) 太鼓 [Taiko]
25255. (Paul Oak­en­fold) Essen­tial Mix: Live in Chi­na
25256. (Kanye West & Kid Cudi) Kids See Ghosts
25257. (Giro­lamo Fres­cobal­di) Ricer­car #9 con quat­tro sogget­ti for Harp­si­chord
25258. (Giro­lamo Fres­cobal­di) Can­zona #4 for Harp­si­chord
25259. (Giro­lamo Fres­cobal­di) Can­zona #3 det­ta la Criv­el­li for Harp­si­chord
25260. (Giro­lamo Fres­cobal­di) Par­tite sopra Folia for Harp­si­chord
25261. (Giro­lamo Fres­cobal­di) Capric­cio #9 di durezze for Harp­si­chord
25262. (Giro­lamo Fres­cobal­di) Capric­cio #10 sopra un sogget­to for Harp­si­chord
25263. (Giro­lamo Fres­cobal­di) Fan­ta­sia #3 sopra un sogget­to solo for Harp­si­chord
25264. (Mount Eerie) Now Only
25265. (Ty Segall & White Fence) Joy
25266. (Claude Ger­vaise) Danceries Suite #1
25267. (Claude Ger­vaise) Danceries Suite #2
25268. (Claude Ger­vaise) Pavane: “Si je m’en vois…”
25269. (Claude Ger­vaise) Danceries Suite #3
25270. (Claude Ger­vaise) Danceries Suite #4
25271. (Mit­s­ki) Bury Me at Make­out Creek
25272. (George Michael) Ladies & Gen­tle­men: The Best of George Michael
25273. (Young Fathers) Dead
25274. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #87 “Bish­er habt ihr nichts gebeten in meinem Namen”,
. . . . . bwv.87
25275. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #88 “Siehe, ich will viel Fis­ch­er aussenden”, bwv.88
25276. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #89 “Was soll ich aus dir machen, Ephraim”, bwv.89
25277. (Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach) Can­ta­ta #90 “Es reißet euch ein schreck­lich Ende”, bwv. 90
25278. (Black Crowes) Shake Your Mon­ey Mak­er
25279. (Snail Mail) Lush
25280. (Takashi Yoshi­mat­su) Dream Col­ored Mobile for Sax­o­phone, Harp, and String Quar­tet
25281. (Ty Segall) Freedom’s Gob­lin
25282. (Brit­ney Spears) Baby One More Time
25283. (Arthur Sul­li­van) “The Lost Chord” [s. John McCor­ma­ck]
25284. (Judge Jules & Dave Lam­bert) BBC Essen­tial Mix, May 21, 1994
25285. (Röyk­sopp) Melody AM
25286. (Fer­nan­do Sor) Vari­a­tions in C for Gui­tar, Op.11a
25287. (Fer­nan­do Sor) Sonata in C for Gui­tar, op.15b
25288. (Miles Davis & Canon­ball Adder­ley) Dr. Jekyll ― Can­non­ball Meets Davis
25289. (Gia­co­mo Meyer­beer) L’escule di Grana­ta, Over­ture
25290. (Goril­laz) G Sides
25291. (Rug­gero Leon­cav­al­lo) I Medic­ci [com­plete opera; d. Viot­ti; Gia­co­mi­ni, Bruson,d’Artegna]
25292. (Thiev­ery Cor­po­ra­tion) The Rich­est Man in Baby­lon
25293. (Per­sian Risk) Once a King
25294. (Johann Nepo­muk Hum­mel) Mass in B-flat
25295. (Sacred Mush­room) The Sacred Mush­room

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