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24407. (Wil­fed The­siger) Among the Moun­tains — Trav­els Through Asia
24408. (Philip Mat­tera) Sub­si­diz­ing the Cor­po­rate One Per­cent: Sub­sidy Tracker 2.0 Reveals
. . . . . Big-Business Dom­i­nance of State and Local Devel­op­ment Incen­tives [report]
(Kather­ine Mans­field) In a Ger­man Pen­sion:
. . . . 24409. (John Mid­dle­ton Murry) Intro­duc­tory Note [pref­ace]
. . . . 24410. (Kather­ine Mans­field) Ger­mans at Meat [story]
. . . . 24411. (Kather­ine Mans­field) The Baron [story] Read more »


24341. (Kate Wil­helm) Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
24342. (Paul Fontaine) Rab­bits To Be “Removed” From Ice­land [arti­cle]
24343. (Misha Fried­man) Offi­cial Homo­pho­bia in Rus­sia [arti­cle]
24344. (M. W. Ray, et al) Obser­va­tion of Dirac Monopoles in a Syn­thetic Mag­netic Field [arti­cle]
24345. (Steve Muhlberger) [in blog Muhlberger’s World His­tory] Mar­garet E Owens, After­lives
. . . . . of the Royal Funeral Effi­gies [arti­cle] Read more »


24262. [2] (Theodore Stur­geon) The Stars Are the Styx [story]
24263. (David Lord­kipanidze, et al) A Com­plete Skull from Dman­isi, Geor­gia, and the
. . . . . . Evo­lu­tion­ary Biol­ogy of Early Homo [arti­cle]
24264. (Ha-Joon Chang) Kick­ing Away the Lad­der: Devel­op­ment Strat­egy in His­tor­i­cal
. . . . . . Per­spec­tive
24265. (Edgar Wal­lace) Clues [story]
24266. (Abhik Gupta and Kamalesh Guha) Tra­di­tion and Con­ser­va­tion in North­east­ern India:
. . . . . . An Eth­i­cal Analy­sis [arti­cle] Read more »

The Romance of Antar

14-01-25 - READING Antar

A medieval rep­re­sen­ta­tion of Antarah Ibn Shaddād

Early Ara­bic lit­er­a­ture is not well-known in the English-speaking world, and some ele­ments of it might sur­prise some­one who is only famil­iar with the stuff from later peri­ods. Among the ear­li­est works in Clas­si­cal Ara­bic are a num­ber of tales that can only be called “chival­ric romances”, which strongly resem­ble the sort of thing you would expect in Mal­ory or Chré­tien de Troyes. What would most sur­prise a mod­ern reader is the treat­ment of female char­ac­ters. Read more »


24177. (Kathy Reichs) Déjà Dead
24178. (James Mor­gan) Giant Pre­his­toric Toiler Unearthed [arti­cle]
24179. (Ben Quinn) Iceland’s Armed Police Make First Ever Fatal Shoot­ing [arti­cle]
24180. (Steve Muhlberger) [in blog Muhlberger’s World His­tory] Trou­ba­dour Poetry and
. . . . . Chivalry [arti­cle] Read more »


24099. [2] (Fred­erik Pohl) The Midas Plague
24100. [3] (Aris­to­tle) Nichomachean Ethics
24101. (Joan McCarter) What the 1 Per­cent Thinks About You [arti­cle]
24102. (Ian Reifowitz) How Are the Rich Get­ting Richer? The More They Make, the Lower the
. . . . . Income Tax Rates They Pay. Face Palm [arti­cle]
24103. (James B. Stew­art) High Income, Low Taxes and Never a Bad Year [arti­cle]
24104. (Arnal­dur Indriða­son) Tainted Blood [aka Jar City] [Mýrin; tr. Bernard Scud­der] Read more »


24033. (David W. Mau­rier) The Amer­i­can Con­fi­dence Man
24034. (Peter J. Boet­tke, Daniel J. Smith & Nicholas A. Snow) Been There Done That: The
. . . . . Polit­i­cal Econ­omy of Déja Vu [arti­cle]
24035. (Mau­r­izio Viroli) From Pol­i­tics to Rea­son of State — The Acqui­si­tion and Trans­formation
. . . . . of the Lan­guage of Pol­i­tics 1250–1600
24036. (David W. Mau­rier) Speech Pecu­liar­i­ties of the North Atlantic Fish­er­men [arti­cle]
24037. (Steven G. Hor­witz & William J. Luther) The Great Reces­sion and Its After­math from a
. . . . . Mon­e­tary Equi­lib­rium The­ory Per­spec­tive [arti­cle] Read more »


23979. (Patri­cia High­smith) The Tal­ented Mr. Rip­ley
23980. (Soraj Hongladarom) Explor­ing the Philo­soph­i­cal Ter­rain of the Dig­i­tal Divide [arti­cle]
23981. (J. Marugán-Lobón, L. M. Chi­appe & A. A. Farke) The Vari­abil­ity of Inner Ear
. . . . . Ori­en­ta­tion in Saurischian Dinosaurs: Test­ing the Use of Semi­cir­cu­lar Canals as a 
. . . . . Ref­er­ence Sys­tem for Com­par­a­tive Anatomy [arti­cle]
23982. (Jules Verne) For the Flag [= Face au dra­peau]
23983. (Michael Dee et al) An Absolute Chronol­ogy for Early Egypt Using Radio­car­bon Dat­ing
. . . . . and Bayesian Sta­tis­ti­cal Mod­el­ling [arti­cle] Read more »

Thursday, September 5, 2013 — Frederik Pohl, 1919–2013

Frederik Pohl (middle) in 1938

Fred­erik Pohl (mid­dle) in 1938

Frederik Pohl in 1968

Fred­erik Pohl in 1968

To remain cul­tur­ally rel­e­vant for seventy-six years is a rare accom­plish­ment for any writer. Fred­erik Pohl’s career as a pro­fes­sional writer began in 1937, and ended this last Mon­day with his death. His last pub­lished novel was in 2011, and he was work­ing on a sec­ond vol­ume of auto­bi­og­ra­phy when he died. His blog, The Way the Future Blogs, was one of my favourites on the web in recent years — and his sto­ries and nov­els were among my favourites when I was grow­ing up. He found new read­ers with each decade of his long career. His influ­ence as an edi­tor was equally sig­nif­i­cant. The field of Sci­ence Fic­tion owes much to him, though he was never a flashy attention-getter, never the sub­ject of a per­son­al­ity cult. At SF con­ven­tions, he remained just a fan, some­one to chat with ami­ably at a party, who did not care whether you were a big shot or a pim­ply teenager. I can vouch for that from per­sonal expe­ri­ence. Ascer­bic wit co-existed with gen­tle­ness and human­ity in his demeanor. He was, as they used to say on the stage, “a class act.”

13-09-05 BLOG Frederik Pohl recent


23901. (Robert Graves) Count Belis­ar­ius
23902. (Adam Nicky) Trea­sure Hunters Ruin­ing Jordan’s Arti­facts [arti­cle]
23903. (Olav Eike­land) Why Should Main­stream Social Researchers Be Inter­ested in Action
. . . . . Research? [arti­cle]
23904. (Soraj Hongladarom) Organ Trans­plan­ta­tion and Death Cri­te­ria: Ther­avada Bud­dhist
. . . . . Per­spec­tive and Thai Cul­tural Atti­tude [arti­cle]
23905. (Paul Mon­ette) Nos­fer­atu [story] Read more »